The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Shapes of Sn@tch

I really enjoy doing these when I have time. I wanted an alternative to the curvacious Cherri neko girl shape so I did a smaller more slender version, still curvy but more cute and athlectic with almond eyes. She reminded me so much of a girl I knew when I was a teenager, named Echo, so now she has a namesake! I doubt she'd be offended hehe

The Regan Shape is one I've wanted to do since I started making them. I've seen some amazing pluse sized audacious shapes in SL. This is my attempt. I wanted an innocent look to her, not so much trampy as sweet and elegant and I think I pulled that off. Meet Regan...

Ad definitely not least...Sid. My return to male shapes. Sexy, lean and tightly toned, he's very tall...almost 7' and extremely handsome in person. I had fun walking around as him for awhile. It almost makes me wanna....naaa -snickers-

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