The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Prim Happy

So I been fuckin with primmage. Just to get over this abnormal fear I have of smaller ones and manipulating them. I work with big is about as small as I get, but the scarf came out kinda cool. It's got a neat flame pattern on black knit. Toastyyy...

Ok this one was a blasttt to do. I had such fun making it and I'm really proud of the way the jacket came out. Probably one of the most relasitic peices I've done and it wasn't hard to come up with the name Lucky 13...this skirt as well as five others are available in a center rack in the main store for just $100 L too!

Back to the small first attempt at jewelry...I know, very simple but they're pretty on and the blood opals in the center spin and change colors as they move! I'm proud of me for even attempting to do things this small! Heyyy baby steps hehe

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