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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ain't it a Cryin' Shame...I'm Sooo TIRED

Wow this has been a wild two weeks and I've gotten so much done I don't even know where to start. This post is I'm sure going to be a little random, so bear with me. I'm a lil' dizzy from the freefall. shit. I'm running out of wall space, so I'm either going to have to resize all my vendors or build up lol.
Should probably say this first...This group freebie was released on Tuesday and is still up in the store on the wall somewhere for $0 L. Take advantage of it while it lasts. You get the Crybaby Girl Tee, Star Spiked belt on the jacket layer and grungy blue and black striped tights. This one isn't up much longer. And don't hassle the models. It's a hunt...duhhh hunt for it -winks- Look for this Vendor!

I did do a little remodel and brought the skins and shapes down from upstairs. The Velvet Skins are out (well one tone I hate seams so much. More tones and makeups coming soon. For now we have Dramatic and Innocent in 7 lip colors all named after wines...mostly cause I couldn't think of anything else to call them. All come with the "Lurefish" facelight and freckled version.
Two new shapes are out, both petite. Drucilla is slender and sweet, schoolgirlish, perfect for kyoot lil nekos and faeries. Holly is more exotic and glamourous but still under 6' tall. Both available for $300 L and copy/mod so you can play and make them how you like.

"Wild Child" was inspired from of all things...American Idol which my fabulous BF Roblem is forced to watch and puts up with (amazing guy). I saw these pants on a contestant and had to make them. Jewel-toned patches cover these black way flared jeans and it comes with four suede cropped tops and a very cool sheer scarf belt. This one is a favorite with the in store models.

Someone at Club Mutation suggesed this "Stop Rape" Tshirt so I made it come true. It's completely offensive and not for someone who doesn't want a little violence in their life. But hey, they say even bad attention is good attention right? Male and Female versions included, tintable and like all clothes at Sn@tch, transferable so you can give one away to someone you don't like very much.
I was in a really 80's mood when I made "RELAX" (I almost called it Love is a Battlefield but resisted). It's a nicely textured thin knit black turtleneck sweater and SIX colored and striped tights with legwarmers. Frankie yea. I almost went there. Very Cozy!

This was a customer request and a great idea. She loved the "Badass" set but the starry applique jeans only came as capris, so she asked me for a long pair. I made them in two layers, slightly flared and a skinny underwear version to wear under boots (I haven't taken off my Sinistyle Deception boots since I got them)Hot idea...thanks to the person who asked for them!

Ok and last for this post...FINALLY I made some long gloves. I wore a set by Roslin of Fleur in one of my Hunger ads and everyone kept asking me where I got them, so I sent her a ton of glove business. At last I have my own (her's are better and come in three lengths but mine are ok and way cheap for 10 colors. All are tintable so you can get just the right color for every outfit. Still you should get a set of Fleur's. They are fab!

That's about it for now. I'll be back with another post later of all the news with the new "Hunger" store and gothic clothing line and probably a little editorial on some freebie etiquette since I have had some run ins lately with a small percentage of Freebie hunters....what I'm referring to as "Freebie Twaffles" thats Twat Waffle for those of you who havent heard the term of endearment yet lol. Anyways...I'm out, have a great night SL and come see my Sn@tch!

Luff & PEACE, Ivey

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