The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Don't take offence, but if you do, it could be YOU I'm talking about

Sn@tch is starting a new campaign with our new slogan "Think Outside the Box". This slogan I think says what I want to convey with Sn@tch designs. I've done a lot of thinking lately, especially with what is going on with the "Designer Elite" and "Couture" in Second Life and with the theft of content creator material. For the start of the campaign I went to a free business in a box store and bought several dresses and outfits all of which are pretty much garbage. Shit I wouldn't spend one red L on and things I hate like solid texture clothes without depth or realism and holiday themed items like underwear shaped like a heart -pukes- I tried on all these outfits and dressed them up with accessories and took ad shots and what do you know? All of a sudden I had "couture" I could release any of these crap clothes as designer just cause the ad picture looked hot. It reenforced my belief that for the most part...SL fashion like RL fashion is all in the marketing. I see excellent creators that make amazing shit with empty stores and no traffic. Why? Cause they dont know how to market their product. You can make stuff all day, make fantastic clothing or accessories but if you don't market it properly...advertise it and network with actual PEOPLE. It will just sit there on the wall gathering pixel dust. As a member of fashcon I see a lot of different designers clothing. For the most part the ads are unimaginative, boring. The same poses, the same clothing over and over in different colors. And then I see some amazing stuff come out and I go wow! That person reallly gets it. I hope they do well with this! And that is the stuff I will buy. I see blog after blog by so called "fashionista reviewers" of the same small number of designer's items. This fashion elite group that apparently has a corner on the SL market every time they release something new...but can't be bothered to answer an IM from a customer or retailer. The ones that have been or have set themselves on a pedestal so far above the rest of us that they have forgotten what communicating with people is like. I'm one of the starstruck fangirls. I've recently had the opportunity to meet some of my favorite designers lately and I'm so happy they turned out to be very real and very genuine people who aren't even aware of their own celebrity. I won't be naming names here but when I first started soliciting vendors for my own sim, there were several very rude designers that completely dissed my requests or were actually MEAN about me asking. Sn@tch will never be like that. I will never be like that. It still shocks me when people say I am in a league with some of the people I admire so much. But it's not just for their celebrity that I admire them. it's for their skill at content creation. I don't give a fuck if you get blogged every damn day. Or if you belong to an elitist group of SL fashion royalty. I buy what I like...not what is IN. So this campaign of "Think Outside the Box" is just that. Don't buy something just because its an exclusive, limited edition -coughs-bullshit-coughs- and don't buy something just cause some blogger says you have to have it to be cool or because some holier than us designer made it. Buy what you what makes you happy, whatever rocks your box. That $800 L "diamond" ring is just a prim. That $1200 L "couture" dress is just textures. To the designers, I don't mean this as an offence. I'm a consumer like any other who just happens to be a content creator as well. I don't put myself above anyone else...There will never be a Sn@tch exclusive or a Sn@tch party where only the "elite" are invited. I just make clothes I want to wear and hope others like them enough to give me some change for them. And to the people that are so paranoid about their items being stolen that they refuse to make anything else, or even go so far as to shut down their stores...all I have to say is go because you will always be afraid. There will always be theft..always people copying the stuff that's good. That I know of I've had two people already copy my designs. One went so far as to wear the same wig in her ad (now that's some balls). Does it make me want to stop creating? Hell no! It makes me want to make sure people know my name, know my brand better. It makes me want to dig in and make more...make better! I never plan on limiting myself or cringing in fear of copycats. To the consumers, the customers...I challenge you to think outside the box too. SL is what you make it. If you buy shit, buy knockoffs people will continue to make shit and knockoffs. Support your favorite designers...advertise for them. I sure do! All in all it comes down to this. Let your freak flag fly, have fun and live your SL life the way YOU want it. Don't let drama and elitism be your end all and remember...designers are just people...just like you, even if some think they are more than that. And it's relief to find out some of my SL heros ARE that...they're doing what they love because they love to create. Not so they can be famous. Just think outside this small box we are cornering ourselves in. You dont have to be famous or wear 1000's of lindens worth of clothes and accessories to be fabulous...

These "Couture" outfits are available at the
Sn@tch Main Store LOL


Sidonie said...

Hey lady, just giving you a BIG thumbs up for this post. So many people have become pretentious to the point of pain.

Very good post :)

Anessa Stine said...

I appreciate your take on things. You are busy doing your own thing and from what I can see doing it well.

Initially my reaction to your 'in my face' written notices and 'screw ya' if ya don't get it attitude, was to simply hit the decline button. In terms of trying to attract buyers... offending even a handful might affect your bottom line, but apparently you know your customers, and they are in on the fun. I have seen some of your ads on the feeds and your stuff looks good to me. Keep it up - Just be aware that some of those fashionista types that seem to make your skin crawl aren't really all that bad. I used to be in awe of anyone that had a blog, and a bunch of personal style - now I blog and I really just try and have fun with it.

Ooh, and since you are out of the box, can i have it. I need someplace to store my incredibly huge collection of shoes. ;-)ty ty

Sn@tch said...

Thanks so much for your comments both. I do know my market base. I know that the people that would normally be offended by my notices and by my style would certainly not step foot in my store much less buy anything unless of course they were going to critisize it somewhere. I don't think I'm special...I do however think the individual is very special and my whole point of the post is to say that and I think a lot of people will get that from it. Simply with any art form or media. It's not what's GOOD, it's what you LIKE. Thanks again for the honest response. It's sincerely appeciated and I welcome them. IV

That Damn Naughty Neko said...

Well said! I love the pictures and agree whole-heartedly. I know what you mean abt talking to designers. I have been doing the same thing for my sim and am always afraid to hit that send button for fear of having my offer thrown back in my face. So, being a nice, down-to-earth, HONEST WITH HER/HIMSELF designer is the best publicity you can get. The best example I have is Akasha Wachmann. She has been nothing but nice and professional with me since moving in and I therefore sing her praises and hunt down prim thieves for her any chance I get. Be yourself, put yourself in your designs and the ones that like and appreciate your attitude and talent will be your best marketing tool.

Noirran said...

Thank you for this post! I struggle with ads all the time, right now I just try to keep it simple. but yea looking at the feeds and seeing the same shit blogged over and over and over makes me go browse porn.

chestnut rau said...

bravo! i adore your clothes and now i adore you too. well said

Anonymous said...

amen sister, well said.

Anonymous said...

*raises her dr. pepper in salut to you* You have directly stated what I kinda beat around the bush about all the time. I admire your courage to be you. As someone who has been *slapped* on the nose by the "so called elite", I decided to just quietly continue doing what I like to do, and have fun doing it. Kudos to you, and I hope you inspire many others as you've inspired me... eventually *G*

Tuli Asturias said...

I think I love you =P
I think you put down the words that many have on their minds very well. I'd like to add that it's damn funny how when you finally get blogged a bunch some people who wouldn't give you the time of day before, now stand in line to say hi.
I'm a hermit and do not do the people thing nor do I go to elite parties or grand opening parties and all that crap. I don't care what's "in" and laugh at "spring collection" and some fashionistas who take themselves so seriously. I don't remember where I read it but on some blog one said something like "thank god REAL fashion is coming to SL". I mean, gimme a break.
I don't do a shitload of fashion shows. Was part of maybe 2 in my entire time of being a content creator. I can honestly say that I got where I am, wherever that is, simply because of what I make, and not whose ass I kiss or which parties I attend.
And yeah not all bloggers are creepy, lol. Some are actually really supportive and nice, even to us hermits.

amaterasu said...

Totally agree with everything you say here.......specially the bits about not being able to do a decent ad. Hell half the creators out there can't even making a decent looking avie! Then they just do some freebie pose and call that an ad. As for having their heads up their butts, well hard to see what anyone is saying with you head that far up :)

If you aren't an Aussie, gonna make ya an honorary one for having the balls to call a spade a spade.

Caliah Lyon said...

Your post made me recall what it was that started the entire "couture trend" - people expressing their desire on blogs to have something more similar to rl, what they perceived as beautiful or innovative, and the backlash resulted from people's misuse of the word to sell their products. IMO SL fashion still needs a lot in terms of innovation and the "basics" - for example in 2006 I could not find a basic white button-down shirt for women, but I could find myself a boobless latex catsuit if I wanted to. Now times have changed (thankfully) but there was something fundamentally wrong with not being able to find such basic staples as those. I think that kind of situation was caused by catering more to market demand than anything else, which, though practical, really does strip the individuality away from fashion.

As for designer "public personas" - I've found a great many people are really down-to-earth and have a great sense of humour. What I admire about certain "fashionista" types is their knowledge and passion for fashion - being someone who geeks over facts and just enjoys learning, I have to respect that. I'm a bit of a recluse myself and tend to shy away from "elitist" connotations, but I've been called pretentious by some total stranger just because of my personal liking for certain fashion styles and the way I like to share them. Of course, such people wouldn't really figure out that I'm as much a fangeek of other things as I tend to be with certain aspects of fashion, as they'd be too busy thinking me a snob. :P All I can say is there's cliquishness in every circle (which ought to stop really, we aren't in high school anymore but there's still the same segregation of social groups) and to those of us who simply like to enjoy ourselves and like to wear many hats, labels get tiring.

Daman Tenk said...

Perfectly said, Ivey :)

If there's one thing I hate in SL Fashion, it's those designers that refuse to talk to you unless you have a 10.000+ visitors per month blog. :P

I've had several designers (not going to call out any names) ignore me completely, then turn around and contact me after I had some reviews out on Men's Second Style. Sorry, but they fail. They can try with another reviewer - or buy an ad. But I'm not wasting any time on them anymore.

Saiko Setsuko said...

Hhahahahha, oh that is so lovely to read first thing in the morning, seriously, I can start my working day with a grin on my face^^

I just started a blog, I am certainly no fashionista and the few designers I have had the chance to communicate with or meet have been wonderful. Some however, are a different story.

I think people forget the obvious difference between fashion and style, style is not fashion, style is being able to wear whatever you damn well please and still look great in it.

As for couture? A limited designer piece? Don't make me laugh, it's not couture when it's available to the masses (at a high price to boot).

So kudos to your post, it's the first thing that made me feel passionate about something for a long time and if there is anything I can do to help re-inforce your message - just let me know.

Puer Aeternus said...

Well said, and although i agree with your post i have to say that Caliah Lyon has pretty much said what would have been my response.

All of the content creators i have ever dealt with had a good, helpful attitude and while thinking out of the box creativity-wise is an amazing thing - there still is place for 'conventional' fashion, even though i can hardly believe seeing myself type that.

But yes i know perfectly what you mean and the endless repetition of the `same old` copies of `everyday boring` casuals is sickening and frankly it dumbs down the communal fashion sense of the whole.

Dove Swanson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dove Swanson said...

I like where your creations are going - I've been to your store and shopped around. (Law bought yer kilt, tis very nice!)

But if there is one thing that is quickly making me less and less inclined to stop by your shop, it's your notices on fashcon (which should actually have the exact opposite effect).

I'm a pretty straight-forward, in-your-face kind of person myself. I'm typically the person who will say the thing that everyone else is thinking, but want to pretend to be shocked by. I also happen to be quite wordy (watch and see. heh..)

But yer notices are loooooong, even for me, and typically talk more about yerself or things most people will have no clue about (inside stuff) than the product. Give me a brief descrip, a pic, an LM and unleash me on yer shop. Save the personal stuff for your group, your blog, your customers one-on-one - as you said, the people who appreciate your attitude and such will be drawn to that ...

...but yes, actually - there are some of us who could be attracted to your product, but your approach is cutting us off at the fork. It's almost overkill that you put SO much of *you* into the notices that you have to precede them with a disclaimer about yer personality and attitude, repeatedly...before you can even get into the actual product updates/news.

I love a personal touch, I love getting to know designers on a real level ...but in my own time and certainly not through fashcon notices. Anyway, keep up the good work, I really like your direction and sense of style, it's spunky and fresh, just what I like!

myg said...

You fucking go, Ivey! Well said!

Sn@tch said...

Hehe I just love hearing Caliah is a fangeek. That makes my damn day.-winks- Thank you all so much for taking the time to post something whether its critical or supportive, every one is appreciated. Just a couple little things I want to touch on then I'll go back to my business. Yes I do agree my fashcon notices are long. But having a disclaimer at the beginning serves two purposes. I tells all the old bitties and judgemental types they can just close the notice now and hopefully they do. I don't sell what they want anyways...AND it gets attention. The fashcon notices that dont look at least halfway interesting to me are closed without being read. I get a LOT of people in my store when I send them out and my IMs are flooded with laughter. Thats what I want the feeling to be for my product and my store. Fun is a huge part of why I'm here and if I can make someone laugh, whether they buy something or not is secondary. Hell, come get some free shit, I have lots out too. There are all types of people in SL just like the RW will so many likes and dislikes and preferences. Too many to imagine. Every day 1000s more come to SL to play and work. In RL I'm much like I am in SL...kinda in your face, kinda geeky, pretty opinionated and I'm not gonna be anything else to project an "image" for my business. I think that attitude and my style of doing things will attract the same kind of customer. I also say that I give 100% support to new designers and people trying to find their style in SL. It's not easy to fit in. Sometimes you have to make your own world and have people fit into that. Emerson said...“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

I am appreciative of all kinds of style and all levels of talent. From the best sculpted shoe to someone's first flexi prim. Do and work and evolve and be....just don't conform.

Love back to you,

Valryn Vandeverre said...

I've never been one that went with a clique. I never understood them in school and for sure don't understand them in SL.

Generally when I find something in a shop that I love and notice the shop owner/creater in the place I will speak up and pay them the compliment.

I was in Sn@tch one afternoon, after receiving a notice about the furnishings being for sale and had to jump over fast to buy the 'potted' plant for my garden.

While there I chatted up our lovely Ivey and had a nice gab before I zipped off again. It made me smile. She was welcoming and had a great sense of humor.

Sadly, not all content creators are like Ivey and the fantastic hermit Tuli.

They are among the rare.

But as in life there are some things that just transfer over.

I call it the 'Pretty Woman Syndrome'

Remember when she goes into the big pricey shop wearing her street gear and she's snubbed, but comes back in her designer gear and they are more than happy to jump at the snap of her fingers?

As far as your notices and how you present them.

I find it refreshing you aren't just slapping some shit on the table and saying.. 'hey look its a skirt and naughty knickers' I like that you are giving me a bit of a story behind the making of it or the details of its conception.

It makes me feel I KNOW something about the item I want to buy or wear, more than just its some shit you hacked out while bored in PS.

So I guess everyone will find a different feeling on that. Follow your own path and you can't go wrong.

Dove Swanson said...

I think I lost my point somewhere in my rambling. I wasn't trying to give you fashcon notice lessons (ha, I am the known dork of fashcon notices, I R lame) or try and change you - not that I believe you for the kind of person so easily swayed anyway, at least I hope not. ;)

What I was trying to convey is that you are missing out on a whole other group of people when you assume that the only people who don't read your notices are stuckup/lack a sense of humor/bitties/judgemental/etc (which is judgemental in and of itself).

In a sense you are creating yet another one of those exclusive groups. The group of "go fuck yerself if you don't like it, cuz we don't like you!" ...sure, maybe it's an underdog group more than an elitest one but they both have something in common: they both exclude.

I guess what I mean is that if you are fine with attracting only the customers who "get" you and assuming they are the only people who would dig your sense of style and fashion anyway...then cool...but if you really are interested in yer customers one by one, as individuals, not creating a clique and not shutting yourself off to everything outside that box...well...hi, I'm one of those! :D

Caliah Lyon said...

Hehe, Ivey, scratch the surface on a number of seemingly posh designers/fashion types and you will find they're more fun-loving and geeky than you originally thought. Some struggle not to be stereotyped - I'm one of those people who believe in not having to apologise for what you prefer and your personal style, and also believe in the freedom I have to experiment and change without being judged.

I have a small anecdote on how people perceive models and designers - a model once walked up to me at my job in B@R and asked why I was dressed as a kitsune (she'd seen a lingerie ad I'd done for Insolence), going so far as to insult my doing so, as if I were supposed to live up to the image she had of me in her mind, and do so without fox ears and tails. In SL I'd personally find it boring if we were to never have to deviate from some "norm," and I also don't like having to look eclectic just to be seen as individualistic. So long as people can respect that then I think it should be all well and good. :)

Ivey Deschanel said...

I am really loving all the response I'm getting positive and negative, though so much more for the positive. And some of my impressions have been challenged and that's excellent! I took a big risk with my reputation which as far as I know so far is a generally good one, when I wrote this and I'm sure most know that. I'm glad I did though. Talking always helps, no matter the situation. I'll always be happy to find out my negative assumptions are wrong. It's much better than finding out they're right, lemme tell'ya. -winks-

Samara Kasshiki said...

Even if I didn't agree with you, you would get many "gold stars" for simply being out there and saying what you think. I've been in SL quite awhile now but only in fashion since October 07. One reason I didn't go there in the beginning was that I had HEARD how clique oriented it all was.

Never been into that and didn't want to go there. I can see now that is true. There are however, as you say, many real and lovely people here as well as the prima donnas. Thank goodness for that.

I have to smile as our styles and personalities are SO VERY DIFFERENT and yet in some odd way I feel a kinship with you.

I know you make good stuff as someone in my family is very attached to your designs and your group. She is younger and wilder and fits right in with your style. There is so much room here -- room for everyone and that is a beautiful thing.

Keep being who you are (I have absolutely NO doubt that will remain the same - wink). As a double Aquarian in RL, I am THRILLED you are out there fighting the battles in unique ways and thumbing your nose at those who would look down at you (and some of the rest of us).


Azia said...

LOL..yeah..I think it's kind of humorous really..all the posturing and posing in a real life, OOC way. When the truth of the matter is; we're all sitting in front of the computer in our jammy bottoms, our hair messed up and drinking half-cold coffee while pushing pixels around a plaything world.

oh yeah..

feer teh words? lol

Keep writing the notices, Ivey. There are a few literates out there for whom content is more than expanding our inventory.


Kitty O'Toole said...

Hey Ivey!
Loving this thread..the commentfrom Daman Tenk: If there's one thing I hate in SL Fashion, it's those designers that refuse to talk to you unless you have a 10.000+ visitors per month blog. :P spot on. I'm a blogger and I never thought for a minute that there would be so much virtual snobbery around, but alas there is. I encountered it once, from a designer who I approached in her store to say 'Hi', and that I liked some of her items, blanked me. needless to say, i won't be shopping there agin..I don't care who you are there is no need to be plain rude, wether you are a so-called SLebrity or not. All teh other designers, yourself included that I have ever encountered have been WONDERFUL and so passionate about their work that you cannot help but love them for it. When it comes down to it, this universe we are all obsessed with is not's pixels on a screen. How can you be pretentious in a virtual world? The idea is frankly utterly ridiculous:)
Anyway petal, keep designing with such enthusiasm and spirit, I bloody love you and your work!
Kitty =^..^=

Kitty O'Toole said...

PS Just noticed how utterly atrocious my grammar and punctuation is in last post..what can I say, except my nails need!

Nevaeh said...

It is a strange attitude. A threat, even. After all, how the heck is anyone supposed to find out about the less known designers who're good? Luck? Walking around the grid? I don't have time for that... Blogs are great for that, the whole 'fashionista' is the best way I find out about new ones, better than my other ways (checking who made outfits I like on people, or random searches on slexchange/onrez/other web stores). I found at least ten different new stores from blogs, including Tuli's (where I have bought some really great outfits), and now Ivey's by a link here!

Most recently found from a blog: shop seu :) Finally, real shorts, not just painted on ones that don't quite look right...

Anonymous said...

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