The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I took couple days off...

Yea yea...I can take time off too. Hell I work 24/7 and its all for the love of creation and for you my loyal customers and patrons hehe. I'm so fulla shit. But I do love you...and I love the boys so I finally made something else you can wear. This is "Harcore" Been wanting to make some bondage pants and a belt for awhile so I threw these together with some hot tees and made a set for ya. The t shirts include a Rob Zombie, a Skinny Puppy and a Bling is Dead Shirt all on the jacket layer so nice and long for ya. The belt has multiple rings you can hook things to cause it's mod and the pants are textured and stitched and covered in zippers.

And for the girls too...just cause I hadda. A Swallow's Tee, Misfits and a cropped bling is dead t shirts. Ohhh by the way it says on the back "and your poofer is pissing me off too lol

Last thing for today is Devil Doll. It's the first dress in the new "The Hunger" Line and wow, sales on this thing have been tremendous already. Look for the new "Hunger" store. Coming very soon. Oh and btw...wear panties with this one. It's reallly short.

Thats it for this post. But more to come...I'm about to go on a little valentine rant! weeeeee...

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