The Day We Fight Back

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Boy can I procrastinate or wha?

I've been meaning to blog for like a week now, so it's about time. No soapbox this week, just new releases. I have a feeling another stinger is coming soon though. Thanks again to everyone who responded to the "Freebie" post. It's been a fantastic week and I've met more wonderful people and gotten so many thank you's it should keep me going for a long while.

Ok Nitty Gritty...

The new Hunger line is moving slowly but I do have some great things in the pipe and thought I'd go ahead and post my newest items in the blog. If you read my notices in world, feel free to ignore the words and just stare blankly at the preeeety pictures.

One thing I was really proud of is my Sculpty Top Hat called "La Petit Mort" It's easy to size, covers most hair, looks very natural & has bloody sculpty skulls, moving realistic feathers and a wicked red cross and black leather texture. This one is kick ass and the In store models vote their latest favorite. One twat waffle in the store said the hat looked gay...but his name was Chad (blink blink)...nuff said.

This was a fun one. Awhile back I made Goth Army with the bauhaus "Bela Lugosi's Dead" Tank...I personally wanted a dress from it and I've been wearing it for weeks now. Finally made a black one to go with and put together a vendor calling it "Dead Flowers" You get both the black and white Bauhaus Dress and two fishnet stockings, one torn and one sheer for $200 L. This is a steal and perfect for the ones who remember the days before Goth was called EMO.

I did some smexy and dark body art. I'm a huge fan of the goddess model Apnea and since I dont dare to get those huge arm bar tatts in RL, I made some in SL. They are hand painted and textured to look as realistic as possible and come in all layers for easy wear. The fabulous hair in the ad (also modelled after Apnea's) comes from Aemilia Case @ Philotic Energy. Check out her new main store too on Imogen for the fab locks to complete this hot look!

This next one is a full upper tatt on all layers also. It started out as just thorny vines then turned into a mix of Vampire and Gothic Themes. Spiders, Bat Armbands & a Demonic Winged Spine. I call it "Forever"Both Tattoos are available @ Sn@tch & the Hunger stores on Pulse

This started out as something completely different than what it ended up as. A customer sent me a sweater coat saying she would like something like it and I started to make something similar but this evolved like a creature from the primordial ooze. This is "Dangereuse It's totally Norma Desmond, Sally Bowles & Marlene Deitrich all rolled into one velvety package. Feather cuffs and draping feather collar with corseting up the back. This one must be seen in person to really appreciate but looks fabulous in pictures!

Ok thats it for this post and the Hunger Store's latest releases. Much much more to come! Lurvee and Kishes



prettypixels said...

Girl you're gonna make me broke! (it's so worth it!)

Arianna Psaltery said...

thanks for having all these specials :) I REALLY love that last outfit :D

Brenda said...

You call working your butt off "procrastinate"? We should be more like you, Ivey! You continually amaze me with your styles and SO MANY gorgeous outfits!