The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm the fat girl @ the party

Hi all, I'm saving my little self-pity party for the end of this post, but I am gonna whine and bitch cause it's my blog and I can! Bunch of sales going on. Random freebie on the wall til Midnight SLT tonite. Bang Bang Tattoos in the Riot Vendor for cheap cheap. And I'm retiring a whole bunch of old stuff to make room for new, so the whole back left wall of the store is half price or less! Okies, on with the newness...well it's been awhile so sorta newness.

I'm calling this one the phlem set lol cause I was so sick when I cranked this baby out, but nothing stops me from wanting to make you look smexy, not even a three foot wide head full of mucous. These are "Crazy Little Things" Sold in separate sets but also all together as a pack. Three denim short shorts in blue, brown and black, two suede belts in black and brown with a big silver ring and swingy tassels and five babydoll bindi patterned tops in my fave muted colors. Get the big pack, you wont regret it. These are alll soooo mix and match you will never run out of combinations! Hair in the ad is by my friend Aemilia of Philotic Energy. Check out her store, you will cream.

YES, I do like color! Proven by the "Socialite" dress I think. I wanted to make the tights Avril Lavigne wears on the cover of Maxim this month. In gold, pale blue and pink, they're sparkly and folded at the top with or without black bikini panties under. I've been loving this texture for awhile and finally found a use for it. A blue and gold baroque pattern with puffed sheer sleeves and swingy cuffs. The skirt comes in two styles, a babydoll and a mini, both sheer so you can see the tights underneath. This is my hope for spring soon dress. Anddd the sweet bag in the pic is the "Hepburn" by Manna right next door to the main Sn@tch store. It's wicked hot. it is. I've been wanting to make this dress forever and finally got it the way I wanted it. It's bloody, scary and a little dirty and not for the girl who doesn't want every eye in the room on her body. "Deathgrip" has bloody skeleton fingers groping every curve down to a flouncy white linen skirt spattered with gore. It comes with a cropped and torn fishnet undershirt and stripey red and black kneesocks. This one can be worn with or without glitchpants if you wanna be even more daring and it looks fabulous with Le Petite Mort top hat. Hehe things like this are why I love designing in SL.

After the first few days success with the deathgrip dress...I went for it and made Deathgrip V. 2.0. Its the same top of the dress but cut to a V halter, still corsetted up the back and I made a long sleeved cropped & torn fishnet shirt to go under, some sleek red vinyl pants and a star studded belt with the deathgrip logo. The shirt and pants are in two layers so you can wear together, with boots, with tatts, whatever. Mix and match this one. The top looks hot with black skirts and jeans too!
"Hellbound" is the ULTIMATE party dress. A wide swingy skirt, sexy deep keyhole halter top with a silky sheen and just to make it edgy and a little badgirl, a black patent leather corset with zebra up the back. Throw in some hot black opera gloves and zippered fishnets and wow, you're gonna get some attention. You cannot beat the price on this one for what you get.

Something for the boys this week. "Strapped" is another in my continuing line of man skirts. Yeps I'm doing more soon! The sweater is starred down the sleeves and a little grungy, with black vinyl pants and a skull and crossbones, studded belt with longgg flexy grommeted straps. This one can sit high or low on the hips and can be worn by chicks too as long as you dont have big ass syndrome like I do. This one is way sexy guys. Girls love a man in a skirt, dont'cha know?

Another of my amazing regulars sent me in some pics of Avril Lavigne in some cuteee looks. This is the first of my attempts to get some of her bad-punk bitch style into SL. "Punk Rock Girlfriend" is a ton of shit in a box lol. FIVE color tutus with poofy fishnet.A Layered long sleeved stripey and skully trashed tee, Vinyl corset, nipple tape (Avril wouldn't dare wear), a long sleeved fishnet top and kneesocks. cant ask for more...Ohh and the hot hot sneaks are by Pornstars...and they are AWESOME! Ask me or a model for the landmark if you want some.
Here's all the Stripey Kneesocks. All colors in a pack for $125 L! Six colors and mod so you can get just the right tint. These also come with some fishnet pants on the underwear layer that have bootyshorts attached. Lol you might not want to wear these in public without a skirt on top as yes...I painted on the cameltoe. I went there! Rob said I would someday, you should have seen him shake his head when I told him I was doing cameltoe booty shorts...anyways, fuck it...they're fun and they come with the socks hehe

These socks were a request for my best girl Adaire in honor of her partner DJ Gecko :aka Socks...for his fans. You in turn get the benefits! Over the knee black stripey socks called "Badgirls" These are on sale for half price til tonite at Midnight also!

I'm going to do my best to not sound hurt for being overlooked for some SL events -sniffles- not like I care what they think anyways -blows snot- Like I said in my fashcon notices. This kinda stuff just makes me fiestier. Look I don't care if I get into the "fairs" like my friend Iki said when asked why she wasn't doing the skin fair.... "It's too...fairish?" I don't even care if I don't ever get blogged in those "I'm so fashionable look what I put together to wear" things like the "Heathers" of SL clothing design do. I'll suck it up and call em "BITCH" under my breath as they walk away...I'm just a geek chick that likes to play in Photoshop and have to remember that that's nothing special in SL. I'm just so damn happy to get so many cool IMs from regular people who really like my shit. That keeps me creating. Maybe next year I'll get invited to the prom. This year I'll sit at home and eat cookie dough and watch 18 hours of Buffy all in a row and enjoy my 9000 traffic at the main store.

Til next time... -nahm nahms- I love you guys for looking


Brenda said...

Don't let the Snob Blogs get to ya, you're awesome! If you ever forget that, look at the throngs of customers!

*lotsa hugs from Ima*

Kalia Withnail said...

you tell em IV!!!
dats ma girl!!!

Anonymous said...

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