The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Post ONE..just warning you

Yea Yea I gotta do this in two posts cause I have a few things that came out before that I was too damn lazy to bother to blog about so this is the prelim. The really fun stuff is coming up next. No bullshit, straight to the clothings.

The latest and by far the most fun thing I did this week was "Boy Beater" Rocker chick gear...three tanks, white, black and ripped & bloody (sheer versions too), baggy zippered shorts with razorblade belt and three loose prim neckties. Comes with striped socks and prim pant cuffs all for an amazing price. All this shit is so mix-n-matchable with other things. A lot of great basics all in one package

The "Boybeater" set was such a success that I decided to do a male version called "Bitchbeater" 􀀾 Black and white Ribbed Tanks in two layers on the shirt and underwear layer for the tucked look and on the Jacket layer for untucked. The set comes with zippered baggy jean shorts with prim bunched cuffs, stripey ankle socks and three neckties, plaid, cheetah and your Grandpa's ugly tie. These pieces go with everything!

I did a few additions to the "Crazy Little Things" line and put up some shortttt little jean skirts in Blue, Black and Brown. Each skirt has two versions, a straight A line and a flouncy flexi, so you actually get six looks all together. These are way trailer trashy. I told Roblem I felt like Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan and he said he was gettin' his chain out.

Also did a bra in pink gathered satin and black eyelet a few weeks ago for a corset set and decided to go ahead and release it with the jean skirts cause they looked so kyoot togther. You get 9 colors including ORANGE for the people that hunt for it and two layers, shirt and undershirt for wearing as a bra with clothes or as a top with tatts.

Little China Girl is three dresses in one. Red, Purple and Black Silk Asian pattern with really low cut blouse with net cutouts and a verrryy low V skirt. The glitch pants are high cut so wear panties with this one, or don't if you wanna show the cooch. Comes with a set of kneehigh zippered fishnets and black seamed nylons. Great price for THREE dresses

Here Kitty Kitty was a request from a customer for a neko hoodie in plaid. Hello Kitty gives the finger in the patch on the front of this black and grey textured sweater with hood and cords. It comes with a red and black plaid prim skirt with belt attached and a custom Hello Kitty buckle. No glitch pants with this one so you can go commando. Knee socks and Cameltoe Fishnets included!

Okies, one down, one more to go! Seeya again in a minute!

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