The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Squeeze into THIS

The amount of stuff out this week is intense. I just got on a roll and haven't come up for air.

This is prolly the thing I am most proud of..something I've been wanting to do for as long as I've been doing this....Latex. Not just any old latex but solid looking, thick and "SLICK"
This is the mega "Slick" set. This is what started it all Black Latex pants in two layers and SIX Saree fabric halters in great colors all trimmed in silver thread. It doesnt get smexier than this shit.

Then I went with colors. Black, Red, Purple all in male and female versions if you're picky about the way they hang hehe so to speak. All pants are in two layers so you can wear them flared or tucked inside boots.

Then I went for patterns. I'd never seen plaid latex in SL so I did two versions, a classic black and red and a black with grey and red highlights. I had to do flames and spiderwebs and Xandra my store manager suggested a snakeskin and of course there is cheetah which I also put together in a latex kitten set below.

"RAWRrrr" is ultra sexy with a cropped strappy top and cheetah pattern latex pants. I made a leather and cheetah collar to go with it and some cheetah and metal bangles. It comes with black gloves but I have free cheetah gloves in store for a limited time so come by and pick them up!

For the Gothgirls in the HUNGER line I present Shadowplay (Joy Division fans will get the reference) Dark red crosses all over black latex with a strapped cropped latex top (solid black and sheer) with a plunging neckline and blood red gloves.

I also did the top in solid black in super see-through and opaque versions in two layers to go with all the latex pants. This one shows a ton of cleavage.

Now that I have my basics done I'm sure a lot more latex is in Sn@tch's future. I'd like to thank some great people for all their contributions. Munchflower Zaius of Nomine for her amazing skins. Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy and Babyboo Glitterbuck of Here Comes Trouble for fantastic hair and Nepeta Ling and Siennah Elcar of Vital Animations for the hot as hell poses. Without them my ads wouldn't look nearly as fab.

Ohhh one more thing...This week I released the most fun wifebeater. One of the Mutation Managers suggested this and it's been a BIG hit so far. Surprising the things that sell the best. It's filthy, a little sweaty and perfect for the club. For Boys and Girls...the Cockmouth Tank!

Okies thats it for now. Come see us at Sn@tch and when SL isn't completely fucked up, maybe you can buy something lol Jeeze Louise this week has sucked. Ok Lindens it's time to get on the ball and fix this shit before we all go broke.

Luff & Peace!



Winter Jefferson said...

I've been looking for good male latex for a long time - I'm going to be all over those patterned ones. All your work rocks, just quietly. I have the Oi Boy kilt from SLX - and I have NO idea why I haven't been to your mainstore yet.

*Slaps himself*

Anonymous said...

hmm thinks I would like to be comparing you and Law in latex *EG* have a way of making those lindens leap outta my pocket (ooh latex doesn't have pockets!!) anyway again I beg you to adopt me please.....and I saw you found my one site, but the one I meant to give you was

Lawra Fredrickson said...

These are freakin hawt!
Awesome job.
*pounces over to snatch to grab her some latex*

Lawra =^..^=