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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sn@tch Makes Everything Better

What a week it's been...For SL businesses, I'll tellya. It sucks. For people who come online to relax and get away from RL, it bites ass. All around..ya pretty much blows. But I'm not gonna dwell. I'm back in world, able to change clothes for the moment and I'm not ass deep in transaction failure notecards for the first time in a week, so I'll take what I can get.

I've been wanting to do some Gangster type pinstripes for awhile (the Goodfella gangsters not the blingy-glock gangstas) I found this hot little hat @ Discord and it inspired me to make the "Bella Donna" set. You get a ton of stuff with this. Pinstripe Long flared pants, short shorts, a pinstripe narrow mini, 5 cropped sweaters with rolled prim collars, nylons and fishnets. Very cool, very sleek and extremely sexy.

For the Hunger line this week I did a really dramatic glamourous 30's movie siren inspired gown called "Die My Darling" It's in a deep blood red with keyhole top and back. Embellished by a garnet and silver cross at the throat and a swinging train draped in ruffles. Also included are long black opera gloves. TIL TOMORROW ONLY at MIDNIGHT SLT-buy the Gown and it comes packaged with the "Forever Tattoo" on the undershirt layer as shown in the ad pic. You'll feel like a star in this one.

Andddd I did chaps...yes you heard me right CHAPS. The "CRASH" set includes three versions of the chaps. One bare-ass, one with built in dark jeans and one with panties on the pants layer with the chaps so you can wear tatts under. The set comes with a hot silky skully top with a keyhole cut out and mesh panel. Just cause I love the versatility of this set, I included a separate pair of skully panties and a red satin bikini top. Tons of ways to wear this set! Male Version coming in a day or two (if SL decides to stop being a bastid)

Here's a really fun spring-ish freebie. I found this amazing fabric texture and it just screamed Grandma cuntry dress so I punked it up a bit with a silver skull pin at the chest and layered some fishnet under the full skirt and it became "Granny's Bones" If you look close at the pattern it has little skulls all hidden in it. I threw on a sweater and a old rhinestone belt and voila! Your freebie. It's all one peice so the sweater and belt dont come off, but it's too cute together anyways and comes with a flexi bitty mini and the larger tutu fishnet skirt. It's on the wall somewhere until Sunday night @ midnight SLT so come get it. Sorry these are no trans. For those of you that love it, I will be selling it later as a full outfit & trans with separate pieces.

Okies thats it kids. Time to take a break today (one where I'm not stressed cause I'm bald or cant log in or change clothes I hope) Don't forget to leave me a notecard in the suggestion box if you have anything to share. Read my profile about contacting me regarding any product issues. And ohh btw, all sales final includes exchanges...aduhh. TC and good luck with SL and its many wonders....did you know that right now an attachment is pending on 20,000 avatars at once?? Wow, now that's amazing! -winks-

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