The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sn@tch...It Looks good on you!

Heyy ya'll! -waves- I've been a naughty blogger so I'm gonna get right to it!

"Feline Fatale" was a bit of a struggle, I'm no expert at system skirts and I usually wont make my ass smaller to wear one, but this is a hot little retro cheetah dress. Feel all Ginger Grant-ish in this slinky smexy animal print strapless sheath. Included are a black velvet corset to wear with the pants or skirt and black and lace pedal pushers. I'm so diggin on the ears and tail lately, can you tell? Mine came from Atomic Kitty and I definitely recommend them.

Chaps for Guys..."Crash" for chicks has been a great seller. who'd have thought everyone would want latex chaps so badly. So I put a guy set together. This one includes three versions of the pants. A chaps and jeans pant later, just jeans and just chaps -winks- we all wanna see the cookies boys. Also included are two sheer shirts. A skully long sleeved mesh shirt and a sheer wifebeater in black.

I was in an down mood & put together this VERY Emo set. Five long sleeved striped tees, a pretty narrow prim black lace skirt in a couple versions with leggings and without, the leggings separate on pant and underwear layer so you can wear tatts with them and scrunched black ankle socks. Curl up in a corner and pout or cry or sing sad lonesome Cure love songs wearing Meh....

"DECAY" is hot edgy and inspired by the film Doomsday. It's a shredded halter top with neat straps in back and a very very short prim skirt with ripped fabric. Included are fishnet gloves, torn fishnet shirt and ripped fishnet stockings. The amazingly hot hair and rusted wings and skeletal accessories in the ad are from Philotic Energy.

I've been wanting to make these sexy punk halters for awhile. A cheetah back and hourglass front with a cute devil kitten image surrounded by flames, matching skirt and belt without glitchpants, I threw in the black string panties just for safety, but you don't have to wear em -winks- "Devil Kitty" is five outfits in one and I wear the tops with other jeans and shorts. It's such a fun set and makes you wanna pull out the hot lil cat ears and tail even if you're not neko BAD BAD kitty..

Ok one more thing for the don't have to bowl to wear a very sexy and comfy bowling shirt. I think of Vince Vaughn when I see this so it's called "Swinger". Very cool...3 bowling shirts. A Misfit Shirt, Medic Shirt and a Red Hot Martin shirt all in black of course. I threw in a wifebeater that says "I'd rather be snorting cocaine off a hooker's ass" and some hot black knit slacks. Also included are a pair of tortoiseshell shades. Very slick...

Ok One post down and a few more to go to catch up! But I'm back on the horse...figuratively of course!



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Winter Jefferson said...

I can personally attest to just how spectacular the men's chaps are.

Apparently they even look good with the jeans on too.