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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fashion Show Tease & More NEW!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Sn@tch and !ReTox! have nuzzled up to some pretty hawt designer friends of ours and we're having a fashion show. The designers included, I am honored to work with...Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy, Siennah Elcar and Nepeta Ling of Vital Animations and Munchflower Zaius of Nomine. Here's a little tease for you. You've never seen any show like this in SL before I can guarantee that. You dont need "super model" avs that all look like gangly aliens and some agency that doesnt know your clothes to have a fashion show in SL. This is not your pristine clean white runway. This is dark..scary and really different. Screw Couture...this is Sn@tch!

We're having a modeling contest for a guest spot in the show and 1000's of L's in prizes and cash. You can get RULES & INFO at the Main Store @ Pulse. Just click the sign over the front counter or go to

Ok down to the literal nitty gritty. Here is my first foray into footwear (ya I alliterate like a bitch!) After a few weeks of struggle and some encouragement to finish these damn things...these are my "Monster Stompers" Made from mostly random suclpty maps I had in my inventory, with stacked metallic heels and skull buckles with layers of flexi netting and glittery fabric. They're fun...and CHEAP. And man I don't envy shoe makers in SL, they are a WHORE to make, but I love these and hope you will too!

These next ones are my attempt at a little more retro jean than I usually do. Pedal Pusher Jeans with pocket and cuff embellishments in several patterns including (my favorite) plaid, zebra, baroque and cheetah. The prim cuffs make these look extra realistic and really hot with simple stillettos or chucks. I call em "Hellbilly Capris"

I'm not a huge anime fan (my ex was and I kinda got sick of it) but I always loved the concept and think there's nothing cuter than a grown woman in a schoolgirl outfit. "Tokyo Prep" is the classic sera-fuku or sailor suit, done in three classic colors. Black with red trim, black with blue trim and navy with white and red. I included kneesocks in black and white and the colorchange legwarmers. This is an amazing price for all you get! Fab for cos play!
Been meaning to do these for awhile. I have 38 Colors and Styles in a fat pack or four separate sets in Solid Matte Colors, French Tips in black and natural, Punk and Goth themes and pale glossy shines. The "Nail Candy" Fat Pack is an incredible deal. You'll never need to buy another nail color.

One of my top sellers has ALWAYS been the original "Fishnet Collection" I finally did another set with a much tighter fishnet and much better seaming and edging. You get five fishnet stockings, one with a garter and panties attached and three fishnet shirts on ALL LAYERS for a fab price. Also includes an extra pair of plain black string panties. This is the Fishnet Collection V 2.0

Whew...PJs are next!



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