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Monday, May 5, 2008

Probably the best Sn@tch in the WORLD

Another little teaser for what you can expect to experience at "the Violent Nightmare" Fashion show...featuring designs from Sn@tch, Philotic Energy, Vital Animations, Nomine and !ReTox! Get contest rules for our Model Search at or at the Sn@tch Main store! over $10,000 L in Cash and Prizes to one lucky aspiring model!

My newest is what started out as a full kimono, before I realised I couldn't do a kimono like June Dion (my hero)I had to do it in Sn@tch style. So I cropped the top made some dragon embossed jeans and some scarf belts (which everyone has been urging me to make more of since "Wild Child") and something really sexy and spring came out of it "Hong Kong Garden"

We had a PJ Party at the family park on Pulse last weekend and it inspired me to make a bunch of stuff. I had this Kanji texture forever and didnt know what to do with it. Then it struck me PJ BOTTOMS. I put together a set of really low cut striped halters and dangerously low drawstring PJ pants. I've been wearing this for days now and not as PJs, though thats what they were intended for. So for you next romp in the sheets, "Bedtime for Bitches" is just the thing!

The halters were so kyoot I threw together a mixed solid color set affectionately called "Tramp Tanks". These are extra cheap for 9 great colors. A veryyy low back shows off those slinky spinal tatts. And to go with the "Tramp Tanks" or on their own, I did some short stripey very low slung shorts in 8 Colors (the grey goes with two tanks so one more was kinda redundant) So they're even cheaper for the whole set. For PJs or out in public...these are adorable
Mmmmmnnnggg "Sex on the Beach" I'm still dreaming about warm weather up here in Boston where its 33 degrees tonite (Christ!) But here in SL we can hit the sand and dunk in the pool or hot tub whenever we feel like it. SEVEN strapless Bikinis in TWO layers. All cute as hell patterns a little out of the ordinary for the not so ordinary chick like me.

Just for fun, since I made the PJs, I thought the Lindens could use a little help with the grid so I gathered some little furry friends to join that poor tired old gerbil on the wheel. You can help!

We have a new group for Sn@tch Fans and Friends since the other one is strictly employees now. It's for chat, fun and information and ONLY by invite so if you'd like to join, contact Xandra Arado or Melinda Bade the store managers and they'd be happy to get you in. Unless of course you're a dick then they'll just cuss at you and kick you in the sack.

As always you are loved and appreciated, every one of you! Thanks for supporting me and Sn@tch and be good to each other. Live YOUR edge! Whatever it is!

Luff & PEACE!


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Kitty O'Toole said...

My gods Ivey, I feel like I am doing catch-up! What wonderful designs chick, seriously you just get better and better!! Loving everything..your imagination for design is astounding! WOWSERS!