The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Your Final Warning

Just a Little Reminder that the Violent Nightmare Fashion Show is beginning at 7 PM SLT on the Pulse Sim . Featuring designs by Philotic Energy, Vital Animations, Nomine, !Retox! and of course Sn@tch. Would love to see you all there. This should be one of the more ummm...interesting fashion shows you've seen in SL. We hope everyone has a lot of fun and really enjoys it and I realy hope it starts a wave of more Alternative, Punk and Gothic fashion events. It's our time!

The runway will stay up after the show so if anyone is interested in renting the space for their own production, just send a note to me or Roblem Hogarth and we'll get back in touch. But for now...curl up, turn down the lights and start to slip away into a that might start to get a little disturbing, a little that might make you start to sweat and clutch your pillow and hide under the covers. Yes, there is someone hiding under your bed. Don't move! Thats fear's way of keeping you safe. Don't breathe. He might hear you...all you can do is hope you wake up before his cold damp bony fingers rake across your shoulder...muahahahaaa

Come to the show and see for yourself what the Violent Nightmare is all about!

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