The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, June 14, 2008

We R in yr BLOG, using yr Slurl

I'm so far behind on bloggings, it's gonna take a few posts, I'll space em out a bit though.

Know how many procrastinators it takes to screw in a lightbulb? I'll tell ya tomorrow -winks-

Mostly new stuffs @

I finally made something new for the guys! I call it "Charlie" cause when I was a kid we called these stripey Tshirts Charlie Browns. It's a layered Striped V-neck Tee over a long sleeved black Tee with Prim bunched cuffs and Black Denim Baggy Long Shorts. This is for the cute boys next door who have a little bad boy hiding inside. Perfect Emo-Wear!

A new Item in the Hunger Line. I wanted a Goth Fairy Babydoll Dress and came up with "Morbid" It's a petite pointe fleur de lit patterned dress with poofy prim sleeves and a flouncy layered babydoll skirt off the shoulder with a built in blood red tank underneath. It comes with Red & Black Striped Tights and fingerless gloves with nail polish. You too can be a scary fairy!

I went ahead and put the Gothy Striped Tights in a Fat Pack. Six pairs for $125 L in some hot dark colors. WARNING! These are frighteningly low and may show some hoo-ha!

Okies this is my fave thing this week and something I've been wanting to make forever. But I suck at prim work so after a few days of fighting with em I finally got out my puffy coat! It's a Cropped Jacket in a Black and Silver Baroque pattern with puffy prim sleeves, chest piece and collar. It comes with fingerless gloves with black and red tipped nail polish and the jacket has long flexi strings that dangle and swing when you walk or dance. The jacket underneath is pretty and textured alone as a bolero and can be worn in several ways. Have fun with it. It's called "Harlot"

Okies thats it for this post...more hawt to come!

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I went there to look for Heretic but gosh it's hard to find it!