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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Damn Pictures R too SMALL

I'm changing the format and trying something new. I'm wanting the images larger so you can actually SEE them, but the center format doesnt seem to be working. Let's try this. If anyone has any ideas, I know you can get your images larger on here somehow, let me know k? lol For now I'm gonna try em to the left and see how that does.

Here's the Slurl...come see me

Now on with the blogshow -winks-

By popular demand (my live models) I made a selection of fingerless gloves with nail polish. 10 patterns and colors + satiny black. Most of these are tintable so there are endless matching possibilities. I always called the black one I made "Finga!" so that stuck.

"Piece-O-Tail" was a request from a customer to do pants with kitty paws. She actually asked for jeans which I'll prolly do next, but I went with latex first. 8 Colors of Latex Pants with a kitty paw pattern and Kat Pirate Belt Buckle. It comes with one black halter with the same kitty embossed at the waist and a pair of satiny fingerless gloves with black nail polish included. Purrrrrr....

From the Hunger Catalogue comes "Heresy" It's a plush black velvet and net ankle length skirt with an off the shoulder black lace top and prim flounce lace sleeves. It comes with black satin fingerless gloves. This skirt is a beauty and looks so real you wont believe it!

Since the skirt from Heresy was so gorgeous I couldnt just do it in black. I did separates called "Heretic" in black, dark purple, and blood red. They all come with a satin bra top and fingerless gloves. It's a cute small gothy set for a great price!

Okies...more to come, I'm on a roll!

Lurve & PEACE!

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