The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I make too much stuff

I'm never gonna get caught up lol here's s'more new! Come see me!

This is just a fun little set for the more daring goth chick. It's a box pleated black linen skirt with bondage belt attached and skull buckle (no glitch pants!) It comes with six pairs of lace trimmed capri tights, mostly stripey and black electrical nipple tape and fingerless gloves. Really cute on and a sweet deal. A black skirt goes with everything! I called it "Voodoo Lolli"

I don't have much rave stuff but I've been wanting to do something in cute Polka Dots for quite a while just for a special friend in SL named Dot. These just came to me for some reason and they are completely not her style prolly but they kind of evolved. I call these pants "Fuzzy Dots" They are fake fur polka dot bellbottom pants with a drawstring waist and really wide bells. They are some wild-ass colors too. So if you're in the mood for bright, these will do it I think

This Item is something I'm really proud of even though it's sick sick sick. It's a wedding gown made of ripped and stitched human skin...called appropriately and disturbingly "Buffalo Bill's Bride" The dress itself is massive and awesome. Huge Full Swinging skirt and long sleeved lashed and strapped bodice. The headpeice is rusted metal with skulls and bones and a waist length red fishnet veil. This is for the bride you DON'T want to leave at the altar and you better put the lotion in the basket or you get the hose!

"Hitchhiker" was almost called Truck Stop Ho but I resisted LOL. It's a black peasant top with prim ruffle and puckered waist. It comes with three buckled and strapped plaid shorts in neat colors that can also be worn as flouncy skirts! (I prefer the shorts IS summer after all) This set is as cute as it gets and would definitely get you a ride QUICK!

I loved wearing this top so much I kinda had to make more colors. You get seven rich colors of gauze "Peasant Tops" all with a black puckered waist panel and matching sheer ruffle. These are a fab deal and look great with skirts and jeans. The ruffle is a spine attachment so skirt and tail or belt can be worn with them, but modify also, so easy to change the spot if you want to wear a collar or necklace. You have to see these on to appreciate the detail

Okies thats it for now...more to come!

Ohhh while I'm here I have a comment for all the people who just chat away in Fashcon SHUT UP. You're making designers want to quit the group. I almost did last night. Ok thats my three cents -winks- laterrr

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