The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sick of me yet?

Hey hey it's your trash princess, Ivey and this is the
Sn@tchly newness and freebie report. I have a lot to tell you about today but I promise it wont take long. Just a few new thangs, but a lot of news! We rebuit the store! It's now muchhh easier to find your way around, MUCH bigger and more organized. I made a Freebie and Cheapie ROOM with all the fun shit in it including the Riot Vendor and the Hunger has it's own room too! We just been busy busy little beavers so come see!
Now the hot new blah blah blah...
I had a lot of requests for more colors of a Star Halter I did as a freebie back in early spring, so I did a fat pack, called em "Rockstar Tanks" There's 8 colors with Fishnet side panels and a ribbon corseted back. Even hardcore gurls can strip down for summer and still wear black proudly!

The Crazy Little Sets are HUGE and only getting bigger. Until now the "Crazy Little Belts" only came in black and brown suede. I did 10 colors/textures including Gold and Silver Metallic Glitter, Purple Velvet, Hot Pink, Dirty Denim, Blood Red, Lemon Lime and a Soothing Blue Sky. These go with everything and at such an amazing price, you can afford all TEN!

NOW the best shit this week. I made SHOES! Not just shoes...really wicked hot shoes I called "STREETWALKERS" To quote my friend Munch "These are Ultra Fluevog!" Haha love that. They're BIG, CLOMPY, black leather, ankle strapped, gothy Frankenstein screwed Olive Oil and they had a baby and they baby was wearing THESE SHOES! They come in 11 Patterns @ $250 L each or you can buy all of them for $1500 L! Thats 11 pairs for the price of...well it's almost half off LOL. They're also TRANSFER ONLY and come with a built in resizing script. Instructions are in the box. Come see 'em on the in store models. They're fab and I'm really proud of em. Here's a sampling

And of course I had to follow up with man shoes. A similar style with buckled straps but in tall Creepers with fabric uppers. These come in 10 colors/patterns @ $250 L a pair. I dont have a fat pack yet, but if I get requests for it, I will do all 10 pair at a discounted price. I guess I'm not as scared of small prims now as I was, and these were fun to do. Also no mod and equipped with a resizing script. Here's a sampling of the Sn@tch "Hustlers"

Wow I'm really close to catching up, one or two more and you wont hear from me again for another month or so lol Kbai!

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