The Day We Fight Back

Monday, June 16, 2008

Almost still with me?

Ok...I'm so in lust with these tops. For the last three weeks I dunno about you but I been like...WTF is Ruched? So I googled it and it means gathered or pleated fabric in a repeating pattern...Ahhhh. so I made some "Ruched Halters" In a buncha colors along with some really hot suede pants with a vintage tattoo on the back and a sweet brown braided belt. I made a set of the shirts and pants seperately or you can get the Fat Pack for really cheap. The set's called "Love Kills Slowly"

I finally did some piercings I decided to label "Fleshbites" I HATE coming up with names for shit, I'm just not good at it lol. Anyways...several different ring, stud and spike combos all with a dorky name. My faves are the "HATED" and "KISS ME" I wear those together on nose and mouth. As I was reminded by a friend I have big ole pouty Angelina Jolie Lips so you might have to adjust the snakebites a bit lol.

Also did some simple Ear Plugz (Screw a silly name on this one) In Skulls, Anarchy, Misfits, Kitty Pirate and Radioactive. Anyone notice my eyesockets are huge in these pics?? Detracts from the GIANT lips a bit LOL

Continuing down my brazen road of primminess...FINALLY aftering being bugged about it for months I tried making some braces/suspenders. They're held up by those little hooks like on a dog's leash and come in six different varieties including colorchange. They seem to fit everyone pretty well so far including my smaller friends, but if you're a tinie or an itty bitty tween, you're shit outa luck baby. They dont shrink down to nothing so dont come bitchin. You chose that avatar so LIVE with it or get an ass! These are unisex absolutely btw
Oooo I was told I was abrasive today...that gives me the warm fuzzles
Love you guys, thanks for looking and thanks for all your support. Come see us at Pulse!


Ana Lutetia said...

The Ruched Halters are awesome!

Ivey Deschanel said...

Ohhh wow Ana thanks! I love em. They go with everything lol. Jeans especially. And now that I know what ruched means, I may do it more often hehe