The Day We Fight Back

Monday, June 16, 2008


Hi Hi! I'm backkkk...and ready for summer and the beach! I got ahead of myself and was able to take two days off to just play around and do some updating at the branch stores as well as some much needed personal shopping. Looking forward to a real vacation in a few weeks so I'm getting geared up for that. Hope alla y'all are having great ones too!
On with the newness, hawtness smexy and wicked!

This set is my fave of the week. It's absolutely kyoot and reminded me so much of something Baby would wear in Dirty Dancing. It's two ruffled tops in black and white that you can wear multiple ways...with sleeves, without and with Prim Ruffles or without. You also get three styles of Burmuda Shorts in plaids and camo. Way beachy and way fun I named it "Where the Boys Are"

"The Redneck Riviera" Bikinis. Stripey...funnn, so cute on. Wide enough between the legs to cover most stripper skin cooch but still string and almost non-existant from the rear. 7 Colors and only sold as a pack for $250 L. You wont find that deal anywhere but SN@TCH!

I broke down under pressure and made some decent booty shorts. These are sooo hot on. A handpainted grommeted belt and velvety fabric in 8 rich dark colors. These go with everything and are ultra cheap I threw in a set of fishnets too cause they look great with em

Some Gothiness for you (I dont think thats a real word) But I wanted to do a club outfit with the booty shorts in a darker vein so to speak. It's a Black Brocade Jacket with velvet bodice and attached leather buckled corset, prim sleeves and a vampish cape with fishnet lining. I also threw in two pairs of fishnets and fingerless gloves. "Scream in Vain" comes in red or purple and is available on the new release wall or at the main Hunger store right next door to Sn@tch!

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