The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, July 5, 2008

YAY Vacation Starts today!

I thought I'd go ahead and get some newest release bloggage out of the way before I spend the next week relaxing and working on our new sim. Yeps, we got a second sim right next to Pulse called Asylum. It's gonna be all residential and I finally get to build my dream house and not be so limited on prims and space. We also get to start to work on a new business Roblem and I have been planning for awhile doing some unusual prefabs and furniture so that's really exciting. Ok nuff about me, lets get caught up on the past few week's new releases. Ohh if you get a chance, go and check out my newest large satellite store on Lemon Island, right next to the new Bewitched Store and the shops @ AsPire Isle. It's a gorgeous place with some great designers (including me -winks-)

I made this pretty texture from a woodcut image I found and put together a dress I had an idea for last month and I call it "Dragonflies". This is much dressier than things I usually do but its fun and kyoot and very summery. A gathered black silk bodice with knotted ties and scarf in the front and a full babydoll skirt. It comes in 6 colors you can buy seperately or all of em in a fat pack with black latex teggings and prim cuffs. It also includes metal and glass dragonfly bangles.

I did some latex leggings in a fat pack for cheap cheap. You get 10 colors including pearl, silver and charcoal which tint really well to any color you want. The ankle wrinkles are sculpted only two prims each. I made these cause I got some really cute shoes with prim toes and I cant wear stockings with them lol I havent taken em off since I made em!

I was planning on making a sexy secretary outfit but I thought I should make these in multiple colors instead and just offer fat packs at a really good price. I did some reallllly low cut buttondown dress shirts with sculpted collar and cuffs and a set of five teeny flexi mini skirts in sorta preppy patterns like tweed and houndstooth since everyone seems to love not wearing glitch pants. Better wear panties with these though unless you wanna show some cha cha! The kyoot updo and hair sticks in these ads are from Philotic Energy...SOON to be released so get in line!

I finally made an ankh necklace for the Hunger and I'm so proud of how it came out. It's simple, elegant with a tiny chain and a severe point. A deep blood red ruby in the center. I call it The Eye of Isis. Earrings and other pieces coming soon.

Coming up with a name for these was a bitchhh...I was so brain dead and completely out of adjectives so when Roblem suggested "Ho Straps" I said yes, fuck it, we'll go with that. These are completely unisex tho and I know a lotta guy hos lol. Four arm straps in texture grommeted leather. Only 12 prims each and not hugely chunky like most arm bands.

Thats about it for this one. Another post to come trying to catch up again lol. I'm wayyy too prolific for my own good. Come see all this and some fiesty in-store model bishes @ Sn@tch!

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