The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ok 'tis!

We'll start with the Boys cause they never get shit. I made an outfit called (somewhat tongue in cheek) "BONER" lol you guys know me by now. It's two versions of the top, a white long sleeved pinstriped buttondown and one with a skully V Neck Sweater vest over it and longer tails. It comes with black suede pants with a braided belt and silver buckle. A hot slightly dressy but still cool look for not much Ls!

I decided to go ahead and make multiple colors of the Shirts and Pants from the Boner set so I did the "Mr Goodbar Silk Shirts" and the "Two Lane Blacktop Suede Pants" A buncha colors and the pants come with mixed brown and black belts. These are way hot and the pants are absolutely unisex, so chicas, these are for you too!

This set is soooo fun. Murder Ballet is a bodysuit in textured and sweetly shaded black (surprise) with lace trim and is great on it's own, paired with jeans or skirts. I put it together with a flouncy black feather Tutu, tintable leggings and long gloves and some really adorable prim cuffs and a tiara that are covered in texture changing gems. The cuffs were inspired by a pair I saw at Armani. Just click them and you have a choice of 12 gem textures. I wore this for three days straight after I made it lol

Of any of the world religions the one I find most beautiful and balanced is Hinduism with it's host of Deities or "Devas". The images of these are so glorious and I used them to decorate these cropped long sleeved tops with modern designs. Six Deities are represented...Kali, Shiva, Lakshmi, Vishnu, Ganesh and Tara and the tops come with a full length Silk Sari skirt and pants all at a very affordable price.

People have been bugging me for months to make a bottom for the "Forever Tattoo" and I finally got down to business and did one. Also did some hand tatts to go with and a manicure in black polish is included.

Love you guys and thanks for your support and notecards! COME SEE US and feel free to try and talk the models into wearing JUST the new tattoo! They do take TIPS!



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