The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hair is a LOT harder than it looks!

Ok Hair...I gave it a go. I wanted to do a big truck stop diner waitress wig and I think I accomplished that lol. Made mostly of sculpted pieces with some flexy in the back for movement, "Mabel" comes in 6 colors and a demo is available so give our homemade pie a whirl! I know I'll have more coming soon. Several designs planned including long bouncy pigtails, bushy mohawks and gothic styles. There's just not enough Bettie Page bangs out there for me!

I think this is my fave this week. I been feeling casual and with the new sim I needed work pants so I did some basic khakis. These are completely unisex even though the tops arent but all clothes at Sn@tch are trans so you can give them away if you dont want girl parts shading lol. The Khakis come in four shades and two layers for tucking in boots and I threw in a torn and bloody wifebeater and a plain white one as well. A "Gun Bunny" is an Artillary man in the service, but the name was so cute I stole it lol

This little dress is all attitude. It says "Back the hell up...You Don't Own Me"! Simple, narrow plaid in four deep colors with laced short mini and ruffled neckline. It comes with sheer textured kneesocks and little sculpted bows. Love this...and its an in-store model fave and veryyy hot!

Ok some of you may remember a lil freebie I put out at the beginning of the year called "Granny's Bones". It was a kinda big hit in the blogs and I only had it out for a few days then it disappeared. The problem was it was only one layer. You couldnt wear seperate pieces like the sweater and belt and skirts. Well I redid it finally and now its as versitile as it gets. All different layers and pieces. The dress can be worn so many different ways, with sculpted sleeves, with our without belt or sweater and with three different skirt options. This one also comes with kneesocks with sculpted skull bows. Funnn...I missed this dress!

The Sari skirts were sooo preeeeety, course you know me I had to do colors. So I did 10 Colors including some brights...btw the pants with the V-Brocade Front look great without the skirt too! I also did two silver brocade bandeau tops in light and dark to compliment different skirts. Called this one "Unwrapped" cause well the scarf part is missing from the Sari. a more modern take on the classic look!

After much pressure, I finally succumbed (no you pervs not what you're thinking). I did pedicures! 25 painted toenails in frosts, mattes and a few goth styles. These make even Linden Flipper Feet look good. I packed em up all in one big fat vendor together at a really nice price and they are tintable so you can get any color you want exactly. Hope you enjoy Fallacy! hehe

This was either gonna be called Playboy Billionaire or "Eccentric Recluse". I chose the latter, but I didnt make kleenex boxes for the feet sadly. It's three color Smoking Jackets with with prim flexy tie belt and coordinating silk Pajama Pants. Loungyyyyyy...
Ok just hint...big news coming in a few hours. DON'T miss the next post from Sn@tch!! Aren't I EBIL?
Luff & PEACE!

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