The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Offending SL....One Av at a Time

I'm getting back on the proverbial roll again and have a lot on my list, so to facilitate actual work, I'm gonna blog quickly. I hope you like! I seem to be concentrating on the bottom half of my avatar for a change lol

I'm back on the shoe kick, These are too cute I think. Been wanting to do some stripper shoes and the gems just worked. Ultra tall platforms with not quite stilleto heels...only one color for now (black duh) but the gems are texture change on click! "5 Dollah Lapdance" and they'd be perfect for the pole....wayy sexy on

I did some in denim too since the big thing in the mags for fall seems to be pencil thin jeans. I called them Bardot...they're very slim and sexy and make your legs look extra long. The "Bardot Pencil Jeans" come in four different shades including black with sculpted wrinkled cuffs

A good friend requested a few new colors for the 'Die My Darling" Gown so I did the gothy classics. Already had red so did them in black and purple. Both gorgeous and elegant and veryyy sexy. They're available now in the Sn@tch main store on the new release wall and the Hunger store right next door.

Ok only a few more to catch up..keep your eyes peeled for more Sn@tchness!


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