The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brought to You by the Sn@tch of Latter Day Saints

Ha, I just love that title...thanks to Mad for that. If I wanna offend a huge group of people, he's the Go-To Guy. We've done some rearranging in the store (well my manager has) and I hope it makes more sense and finding things is easier. Look up cause there are some things high on both walls and all body items, accessories and lingerie, bathing suits and stockings have moved to the upper platform. The goth things have been moved to the Hunger Store next door! Okies here we go....

I wanted some cute tops to go with the "Crazy Little Skirts" and had Maryann from Gilligans Island in my mind when I did these Bandana Halters. They come in five colors and are packed up with the skirts that are also jean shorts. The skirts have two different prim options...flared and flexi flouncy. I was gonna call it Maryanne, but "Scooter Trash" had a more Sn@tchly ring to it lol

This is prolly my fave thing this week (I always know my fave thing cause I'm wearing it for days after I make it) My manager Xandra sent me a pic of a goth chick wearing ruffled bloomers as pants and I was like yaa wtf not? So I went to work. Made white and black bloomers in two layers and two lengths. They're definitely outerwear, but some guys really like old fashioned lingerie in the bedroom. It makes them think you're virginal, go figure lol

Also did a set with the long bloomers called "Libertine and mixed em with a velvet corset and lace scarf tops. These go really great with the tops from "Where the Boys Are" too, with the Peasant Tops or with bikini tops.

After the success of the latex leggings I released last month..the models have been hounding me to make full length spandex pants so I went to work on it. Here's the result I dunno why I called em this, but I have this bumper sticker on my car and it sounded good at the time lol. The "Spank Me Like You Mean It" Spandex pants come in two seperate packs 8 shades of light and 8 of dark all with sculpted ankle wrinkles

Thats it for me. I have lots more coming this week, some super smexy vests, a hot 'lil kimono set and some death lolli pretties. More shoes and hair otw too and very soon, [METHOD] our new furniture and pre-fab venture will be open for business. Whew...I'm glad I dont have a RL job -pants-

Luff & PEACE

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