The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Bird in Sn@tch is Worth Two in the....hey, wait

Hey I'm doing better at this (she says all proud like) Now lets see if I can get it written and actually published today lol. It's been a lazy week kinda and anyone who knows me knows I'm anything but lazy. I consider only four new releases a week to be pretty damn slack. They're cute tho and a ton of stuff in the works. Okies will get to it!

I was actually watching "Cabaret" on Netflix while I made this set..I had this cute hair I found on a japanese sim and it all came together. It's a little Lolli, a little 30's and a little "waitress" as a friend so kyootly put it lol. You get a prim skirt with skull buckle and big sculpted bustle bow, a white pinstriped top with velvet corset attached, a sculpted collar with neck bow and fishnets with garter and panties and stripey long socks. It's a big set and so adorable!

Anyone that's a Buffy fan will get this kinda obscure reference (we're rewatching season 3 atm lol) I loved the outfit that Jenny was killed in but the system skirt just didnt work for it, I tried I swear. So doing the sheer overlay babydoll over a bodysuit was the next best option. I did it in three colors, blue, green and purple (Jewel Tones are my fave) and these mix great for different color combos. The sheer jacket layer and skirt also look great over a bikini or with jeans. I shortened the top and just wore that yesterday...well I had pants on lol

I've been throwing around thoughts of making a Kimono since making Hong Kong Garden a few months ago and I got inspired rolling around on a unicycle on several Japanese sims with Roblem the other day and bucked down. I knew I wanted a darker, more gothic look so I went with a metallic diamond fabric and purple as the contrast. It's called "Midnight Maiko" and comes with the wrapped obi, three different skirt types, flexy sleeves and the geta sandals.

I've been tossing around some more shoe ideas and got this neat little sculpted bow so I made some girly skully stilettos I named "Living Dead Shoes" The bows are texture change with 12 textures, several solids, a black and red stripe, cheetah, skulls, plaids& white lace. these are veryyy sweet, perfect dolly shoes but a little more grown up and feminine.

Thats it for now, but as I said...I have a lot of things half finished so next week should be funnn. Next post is an announcement and a tiny rant..just a teeeeny tiny one promise.


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