The Day We Fight Back

Thursday, July 31, 2008


You can tell from the head cocked just so, the twisted waist, the instant smile, the jazz hands. We all know 'em, we all have 'em. The *MM* Model Poses 1-17. I think I got these in one of my first freebie boxes back in late 2006. I was like WOOT poses! and tried em all out and took pics with em here and there. Well that was before I saw the other poses an avatar could do and wayyy before I had an AO.

I'm so grateful for gifts from designers like Torrid Midnight. Her store was one of the few places I could afford well made clothes when I first came in world so this isn't meant as a slight to her in the least, but PEOPLE I'm calling for retirement of these poses. Every ad using them that I see come out in fashcon, I flinch now. When I see these in a clothing ad especially on a white BG I think automatically "Business in a Box". It's not that they're horrible poses, just overused! I've actually left stores that have these poses in their ads without even looking at the clothes. I know I know but Iveyyy they're free, some people cant afford poses! Well there are a tonn of great places to get very cheap and free poses in SL you just have to look.
Good poses I know aren't easy to do and the best ones are expensive! I've given a try at some and I'm not great at it, and pose makers like Torrid, Luth Brodie, Dave Bellman of Animazoo, Evangeline Cortez of LAP and Beauvoir Rousselot of Maitreya deserve great props for the work they're doing now...but the time for the *MM* Model Poses 1-17 is past. They have been used, abused and hung up wet people! When I see an ad for a pastel pink ball gown doing the jazz fingers it makes me want to punch the model in the teeth. It's OVER.

Poses can be pricey, especially if you're a pose and animation hoar like me so I wouldnt leave you poseless without some suggestions of replacements. For some great cheapie and free poses check out Sylva Petrov's Animation Factory, Happy Dispatch, Vital Animations has a big freebie set. Join Stella Furkel's group, she's always giving out poses and anims. There's a store called "Stand" by shin Thursday that has $35 L animated AO stands. Izumiya has boxes and boxes of free poses for guys and girls. Torrid even just marked her new fabulous range of poses down from $100 L to $75 L each. There are a ton more too...If anyone out there knows great places to get cheap or free poses throw a comment on here!

Thats my little mini rant for the day. As said before no offence meant to the maker of these poses. I appreciated them when I was a noob and I'm sure some still do, but designers...pass them on to a noob and don't use them in your clothing ads for God's sake, think of the children!
Luff & PEACE


Whatsername again....? said...

I agree! Retire those sad old things! I've become quite the pose hoar too and there are bajillions of cheapie poses...many many japanese designers have them as well. Some of my fave atm are from Pudge, I reccomend them highly!

Also, that hair at gnubie from Panache....retire that too. It doesn't work on anyone -_-

-Wednesday Soon

Teagan Blackthorne said...

Dove Swanson is the designer for LAP.

Dove Swanson said...

She means [LA] LostAngel Poses, I think, Teagan. Confusing...yeah.

It's funny you bring that up, I say that all the time when I'm out shopping, I just cringe when I see those poses in use. Nothing wrong with them - yep, I used them too, just kinda overkill.

I used to see one of my poses in use ALL the freakin time - um, the one where the hand is kinda grabbing the tit? It might be called 'Diva' I can't recall. Anyway, I was like - WHY the fuck is that pose so popular? Then I went to my store to find it and found it in my freebie box. LOL.

Lord, I hope there's never that kinda stigma attached to my freebie poses! Haha!

Then again, that's some kind of accomplishment, in its own right I guess.


But glad someone finally said it! :D

Ivey Deschanel said...

oohh yeps I ment Lost Angel sorry about that. I love your shit too Dove. So many fab pose artists and animators out there. I just thought this set had had its time and they've become sort of a joke.

My poses bite btw lol

Trickett Nightfire said...

This made me think of a screenshot I took the other day of the SL homepage.

I love the guy in red. (x

And don't give them to the newbs, they don't really fit AOs. x:

Trickett Nightfire said...

Meh, didn't realise it wouldn't do a long URL. :/ I guess I'll put it in the URL as I don't think people feel like cycling through the first page... But it's up there if you feel like refreshing a bit.
(Also don't like it eating my capitals but nevermind...)

Mylee Mubble said...

Well [LAP] Long Akaward Poses Has a freat freebie collection I have actually used them in ads. Don't even look free.