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Friday, August 1, 2008

Are you a most unusual and extraordinary person?

We here at Pulse are looking for you! We have a prime storefront open right next to Sn@tch's main store. The fabulous and talented prim designer, Manna Yoshikawa who has been a vendor on Pulse for the last year since we opened, is leaving SL and her store is up for grabs to a new designer. I've already gotten half a dozen IM's requesting this location from other designers and Manna's rent hasnt run out yet, so we can guarantee exposure.

Pulse, Sn@tch and !Retox! are offering a shop for free to a new designer every month. The shop located right next to the front door of our main store will be available by application and of our choosing each month for a month for FREE.

We love to celebrate and encourage new talent, especially alternative designers (horror, goth, punk, grunge, trashy, glam etc), so with this shop thats been occupied since the sim began coming open finally, we decided to do this.

The rules are simple...
You must follow the directions of the application.You must have been designing for under six months.You must be available to set up your store within two days of notice.Your items must be of a more alternative nature, be it clothing, accessories, avatar enhancements, household or prim design.

Choosing from the applications will be difficult enough, so please follow these instructions carefully. Put the following items in a folder and name it Free Shop Application-"Your Name" and send the whole folder to Ivey Deschanel. Anything that is sent not in an appropriately named folder will be declined and/or disqualified.

1. A notecard that lists, your name, your brand/store name, the approximate date you began designing and a short explaination of why you began designing in SL.

2. At least FIVE vendor ads/images. You are welcome to send more but don't get nuts lol

3. A sample item so we can see the close up quality (can be just a shirt or small item)

4. A landmark to your main store if you have one.

If you are chosen we will notify you personally by the 14th of the month and your free shop rental will run until the 15th of the next month. The free store designer will also be announced in our blog, on the SL fashion feed and in Fashcon announcements and group notices for Sn@tch.

Store Details: The space will be empty and we will allow 100 prims total. up to 50 for product and 50 for the build and to decorate with. Please understand that any heavy scripts that affect sim performance or anything that laps over into the neighboring stores (floating text, lighting etc) we may ask you to remove. No temp rezzers or scripted vendors please, only single prim simple vendors. We also request that you stay somewhat within design style of the sim (no pastels or palm trees!) but have fun with it and be creative and promote your personal brand and style!

Thats it...good luck!
Ivey & Roblem

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