The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Shocking Values @ Sn@tch!

First of all I have a great deal for you at the main store. I decided the shoes I released last weekend should be a freebie so the vendor is set for $0L right by the main stairs on the left when you come in. They're slinky stilettos with a tiny skull and sculpted bow that texture changes on click. 12 different textures to choose from. A little gothy and very feminine. The "Living Dead Shoes" will be free until further notice, so come get some cute FREE shoes WEEEEE!

Last night I finally finished up my "Kickass Hats" 5 different cowboy hats of a different sort of flavor. One in black and bloody straw with a skull and chain buckle on front, one in snakeskin with spikes all over, 2 colorchanging animal prints and a beat up brown leather with a rattler wrapped around it. Had a lot of fun making these and they're cheappp.

Thats it for today lovelies. Don't forget to come by Sn@tch and get some FREE skully stilletos! Also the other freebie is still on the wall for you to find til Midnight TONITE!

More coming soon!

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