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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sn@tch & Everything After

Ok this is the big one. Sn@tch goes neko. This has to be the sexiest neko set you'll find for so cheap in SL. Kitteh Paw Feet, Scripted ears and tails in four colors. Buy as a set or seperately. The ears twitch randomly with a simple on/off click and the tails are menu driven and mod so you can put in whatever you want it to say when someone touches, bites, strokes or pets your tail. It also has three activity modes including Frisky, Active and Lazy, If you ever wanted to be a sexeh kitten, this is the one for you! I havent even advertised yet and they are flying off the prim shelves.

I did em in four colors for now, more to come when I get some requests.

These were just put out this morning, sweeet hot little Elvish ears with some ear jewelry. They are menu driven with 12 skin tones on click and are mod so you can tint til you get just the right shade. I wont be taking these off for awhile I know lol

Come by the store before Midnight SLT on friday and get a cute little freebie I put out made out of random peices. A full outfit called "Scotty Doesn't Know" a little homage to the movie Eurotrip and dedicated to Mylie Cyrus lol. It's not hidden, out in a vendor right next to the couch by the model stands. You get a black lace and satin bra, a wifebeater, a cardigan sweater, prim plaid skirt (sans glitchpants) and red sheer kneesocks. It's way kyoot!
Ohhh btw almost forgot, a lot of people have been asking where the skin and tattoo in the Black Kitteh Set came from. The skin is "Black Panther" by Nomine (lustsss) and the Tatt is by my fave Garden of's called "Niu Kua"

Okies thats it for tolerant of each other and if you can't, expect a smack in the mouth lol
Luff & PEACE

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