The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fhtagn Cthulhu! Fhtagn Sn@tch! Ia ia ia!

Heyaa all..I'm doing as I promised and trying to keep up with the blog and new releases a little better. It's been a prim-tastic week at Sn@tch and the accessories are just flying off as fast as I can make em. I'll get back to clothes ultra soon tho, promise promise. Here's whats new in two posts cause I hate that "after the cut" thingie...

First thing is something I called "Sparklemotion" a little homage to Donnie Darko if any of you are familiar with it. It's the pre-teen dance team that gets molested by Patrick Swayze LOL it's 8 sparkly star girlie tees with two shades of khaki shorts. The prim pockets are texture change on click to match all the shirt colors and it comes with some over the knee white knit socks. Very cute!

Keeping on the shorts kick, I made more suede. These are sexy belted and pretty short. Multiple colors and a couple different leather colors on the belts. Really cheap for the whole pack. These go with everything! I called em "Sultry"

The"Raggedy Socks" have been a long time coming and I have no idea why I didn't do these already. Thick wide stripes, 10 colors and all tintable so you can get the perfect shade for whatever you wear them with, tho they do go great with the Sultry Shorts -wink-

I did some more prim work this week..another ankh with texture change jewels and a sculpted leather thong. And I released the Jeweled Satin Cuffs from the Murder Ballet set by themselves cause I got a lot of requests so here ya go! Both of these items have 12 jewel textures you can change with a click.

-laughss- thanks to Mad the title of this post. What a warped and twisted individual and I lurve him and am appalled by him at the same time, go figure.
Another one coming so stay tuned!


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