The Day We Fight Back

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sn@tch Sweet Sn@tch

Here's the place! I'll supply the hot, you bring the chips!

Yea yea, I know more plaid. But I couldnt help myself. It's a sickness. And you know the first step is admitting you have a problem. Four plaid babydoll dresses in great colors with sculpted sleeves and a little empire height textured belt. They also come with black knit ankle socks. This is "Spiderbaby"

Corsets Corsets everywhere...7 of em actually in two layers. I love these and they go so well over just about every top in the store (or without if you like to bare more as I've been well known to). The "Tainted Corsets" are a staple everyone needs in their alternative wardrobe. They're not just for the bedroom! Cause of a ton of requests, man corsets are coming SOON!

Andd lastly...the "Rode Hard" Jeans. This is just the first set in my new line of low rider jeans. I have lots more planned to come. 12 pairs..multiple colors and patterns for now. All low but not super slutty low and all in two layers. But seperately or in a big pack of all 12. Here's a sampling.

Lots of work to do so I'm back to it. With the Passions of Black Swan coming up in a few weeks, the Sn@tch Fashion Victims Murder Mystery Game going on in store til Friday night (you HAVE to come play...tons of prizes given away already) and with Halloween our biggest holiday right around the corner. I don't have a spare minute! As always...thanks for shopping at Sn@tch and lets BAN the drama! Life is too short to take DON'T!

Luff & PEACE.


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