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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dark and Disorderly

Time for new stuffs again and heading into the fall season with a vengeance. Darker colors, more layers and lots of sweaters and knits. I'm so ready. Here's the newest! In two posts cause everyone knows I hate "below the cut" lol

This is a death cyberpunk nurse/med look that I love and the hair in the female version is by the incredibly talented Rikka Koi of Crimson and Clover and wont be released until the hair fair so NYEH. The ads speak for themselves I think (& SHOES are included as well as a cameltoe sculpty prim lol). Here's Death Rattle for gurls and bois! Man these are way hot and I still have this damn mask on. I swear I'm a little ocd.

This is my fave thing of the week! I was so strangely excited by this sweater. Prolly cause it's my first fur thing and now I wanna cover everything with fur lol. I paired the fur trimmed cropped black sweater with a rolled top texture changing skirt. 12 different skirt fabrics to choose from in solids, stripes and prints. I think this skirt and sweater set is essential for a gurl's trashy fall. It also comes with knee socks that have fur trim at the top. I called it "Half Dressed"

AND course you know me, I had to do the sweater in multiple colors...8 in all. Dark rich tones qith fur collar and cuffs. Rob rolled his eyes when I called em "Bit of Trim"...and ya, I had to lol

In celebration of the almost end of summer, I put the fab bikini fat pack "Redneck Riviera"in the RiotVendor. You get 7 HOT stripey string bikinis in two layers. They make fab swimwear or super smexy underwear. Bring some friends and get that price to a shockingly good deal!

Thats it for this one...more to come!

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