The Day We Fight Back

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Laziness

I slept til 5 pm today, so I'm back on my old schedule from when I was working the graveyard shift in my last RL job lol. now I'm gonna have to stay up all night to get back to seeing daylight in the daytime again instead of sunrise! Funnn...well I have a lot of work to do so I'm sure it wont be a suffer. I do have a few new things to blog on, so here goes...
I saw this tiny vest in a magazine ad and had to make it, I did it in five colors and five slightly sheer off shoulder floral tunics with sculpted sleeves to wear under or alone, tucked or untucked. I threw in a pair of basic dark blue jeans and "La Vie Boheme" was birthed. This is a top fave of the in store models!
The guys deserved something new so I went all out and made what I think is an exceptionally hot sweater. Block patterned black and grey sweater with an embossed skull up the side and sculpted parts that make it look slightly bulky. I added two pairs of the new smexyyy leather pants in black and red. The sweater comes in a couple layers so you can wear it tucked and untucked and it can be worn by girls too with a few slight adjustments. Roblem named this one and its called " Brain Case"
A new gothly thang. I tried my hand at some silks for the Hunger. "1000 Years Gone" is a sexy black and silver halter with a narrow high rhinestone belt and a matching hip belt with long silky brocaded skirt. I wore this all night last night and felt sooo slinky and dark. The set also comes with an inverted pentagram necklace in silver (NO BLING) lol
ok lastly, I made some more hair and I'm getting BETTER at it I think lol. This one was inspired by a short cropped 60's style that really reminded me of Edie Sedgewick so I called it Edie. It comes in 9 hot colors with one two tone in black and platinum blonde (Called the Bride). More hair coming, I'm excited about this one and its got me modivated to try more!
More news! I'm sooo freakin excited to be invited to the next Black Swan Inspired Rezzable Event. I'm starting on my outfit this week and it's gonna be something that wows, I promise! You know me, I dont do pretty and prissy gowns..hehe I'm excited to Rock Black Swan!
Anddd beginning on Tuesday with the services of VIXEN GAMES, Sn@tch will be having it's very own murder mystery game and YOU are invited to a very creepy dinner...the models will be helping out and it's gonna be a blast, completely groovy. I can't wait! More details on TUEDAY about how to get in and the HUGE prizes for the winner and everyone that plays. If you were wondering what the dining table in store is for, thats a tip lol

Ok thats it from Sn@tch for this week...come grab some new cool shit and come molest an instore model. Be nice tho...they BITE!
Luff & PEACE and be tolerant of each other, unless they push that damn wrong button, then KICK their ASS hehe

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