The Day We Fight Back

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I love giving stuff away

It's a sickness I know, but I clearly remember what it was like when I was new and had no cash in SL, so now that I make stuff (make a LOT of stuff actually) I love it when I can give something fun. This is just a reminder that my "Living Dead Shoes" are FREE in the main store til further notice. I made these last week and announced them as a new release in Fashcon and on my blog last Wednesday. I don't usually give new releases away, I actually already have a freebie outfit out at the moment of my new leather pants and silk backless halter, but these just screamed to be loosed over the grid lol. They're ultra-trendy slinky trashy gothy stilettos in black lace with small sculpted bows and skulls on the toes. The bows are texture changing with 12 textures in a menu on click. Several solid colors as well as red and black striped, skulls, cheetah, pink plaid, red plaid and white lace. Don't miss out while these are FREE! They're right at the bottom of the stairs to your left as you come in the store.

And come get the Royal Blue Leather Freebie too! That'll be on the back wall in a regular vendor til Wednesday Midnight SLT!
Thats it for now, have a drama-free DAY! And SL pick up the pace willya. I'm tired of being a grey amorphous blob! I'd almost rather be RUTH hehe

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