The Day We Fight Back

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sn@tch just keeps on going...and going

Well I warned you I was gonna have a lot for you this week and I wasnt kidding! This has been a fun one. With the exception of a little shocking surprise yesterday morning...but I digress. There's so much fun to be had, why waste my time on drama and be bitter and frustrated aweeeee. So with trashy and glamorous and a little touch of gutter thrown in, here's the new stuffs from Sn@tch!

"Edgeplay" started out with just the sheer mesh tops which a customer suggested cause she liked the mesh part in the "Crash" set. I did four different patterns...paisley, roses, velvet vines and spiderwebs then threw in a plain cropped mesh top with the same neckline thats fab for showing off tatts under. Then came the Snakeskin pants with a little silver six guns buckle and braided belt. The fringe was a challenge, but I think I got it just right.

So that inspired me to do leather pants..simple basic soft looking leather in four colors and snake skin with a laced fly and really nice ass shading if I do say so myself -grins- It comes with one set of dark grey fringe (tintable) and a silk print backless halter. I was gonna sell these all seperately but I said hell with it and just put them all together at one really low price. "Hell Bent For Leather" always loved that expression.

The halter in "Hell Bent" is from a set I did called "TEASE" It's backless halters in 8 great colors and two layers with a tiny distressed flower pattern. These look dressy with skirts and dressed down casual with pants, give em a try!

Anybody that knows me knows I lovee a corset. This one is zippered and strapped and to the hips but this little dressy number has a twist. A texture changing skirt. Just click and you get to choose from 12 great fabrics on slightly sheer panels. A nice thigh top glitchpant with a leather look and you can wear corset or skirt seperately, they're both finished, so any dress becomes and corset dress and you can wear the skirt with any top. All this with knee socks, gloves and ohhh ya I almost forgot, I threw in a silver studded posture collar too! It's an incredibly good deal and sooo cute! It's called "Strange Fascination"

And just cause I love my shoppers this leather set is free til Wednesday at Midnight! It's a royal blue set of the new leather pants and silk backless halter. Come find them on the big back wall of the store, not hidden. They're in a regular sized vendor and completely FREE!

Thats it for now, one more post coming to remind you of another freebie we have this week at SN@TCH. Luff and PEACE


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