The Day We Fight Back

Friday, September 19, 2008

More Velvety Goodness

Told you I loved this velvet burnout fabric...I had a lot of fun working with it (and I've been wearing it all week lol) shocking! My fave thing is always the last thing I made of course!

Some Long Velvet Tanks in 8 warm jewel tones, perfect to go with everything for fall. Hand shaded and lush in 2 layers, tucked and untucked. These are by far my fave thing of the week.

I put an outfit together out of some spare tops and leather pants I had laying around and hadn't released and it came out ultra hot. You get FIVE colors of leather pants with a silver stamped cut out belt and sculpted wide flare legs (Black leather is included and not shown in the pic below), four velvet bikini tops and a fishnet halter top and fishnet fingerless gloves. This is way me and since it's become sort of a signature look I named it "Infamous" which I sorta figured out I am. Not "famous"...infamous. I'll take that lol

I've been conquering the small prim fear one day at a time and with some sculpty help from my partner Roblem (who's getting really good at these damn things) I made some earrings. A gorgeous sculpted earring hook with razorblades, black crystal dangly chains and ankhs with texture changing gems. All are really inexpensive and I can never decide which to wear.

I just can't stop...more coming really soon! Come see me at Sn@tch. Next post: Halloween on Pulse or...why we can't stop screamingggggg...



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Mourna Biziou said...

God, I need ALL of this new stuff. I hate you. :( (No, I <3 you. You make my $Ls cry, though.)