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Friday, September 26, 2008

Yay Fall!

It's gawgeous here in New England the leaves are just starting to turn. I'm so happy I moved here. Really looking forward to cool nights and snuggling with Roblem and hot chocolate (once we're off this damn low carb diet...god I want a muffin) Anyways, I have some new stuff so here 'tis! and here's where you can get it!

I've had this idea for capris for awhile and finally made it real as pixels can get anyways. It's a set of four battery washed denim capris (different muted colors in rust, blue, green and purple) and four v-draped string halters in soft leathery browns. I threw in a pair of fingerless fishnet gloves. There's a mean little monkey on the back pocket.

This cute little lolli dress reminds me so much of the dresses my grandma said she made from flour sacks back in the depression. The black callico with tiny flowers was a fave of mine. This is updated a bit and no zipper up the side but you get four colors with two skirt styles and black ruffles underneath. It comes with sculpted and flexy poofy shoulder sleeves and black ribbed tights and socks. Sooo cute I think!

This is my first try at a costume and I love the way it fell together. Rob and I just got done watching season 4 of Buffy (halfway through season 5 now) and I saw the Vampire Willow leather outfit and had to make it. You get the whole outfit, jacket with corset attached, prim sleeves and leather pants, plus the skin, an Another mod (God Bless Eloh), the shape, the eyes and hair all for one really nice price. I'm definitely going to work on more Buffy avs. This was really fun to do.

I made a buttload of footless tights this week and who doesnt need more leggings? There are 20 in all, only on the underwear layer, in plaids, stripes, paisleys and argyle. Fab under shorts and skirts for fall and wicked cheap for the whole set.

More to come!

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