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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lucky Chair Insanity

The store is nuts atm, I just put in a second lucky chair and both have been filled up with new things including some shoes, jewelry, suspenders, full outfits and some stuff for the guys. Just for the weekend, one is set on 5 minutes and the other on 10 so if you can get in, come get some free things. Also have a great Freebie Outfit this week called "White After Labor Day" in honor of my mom who's rabid about that old rule. Here's a pic and its on the new release wall FREE until Sunday Midnight SLT.

Now I have some more have a read if you're inta that sorta thing -winks-

The Cashmere Sweaters (ok they're not real cashmere, just cotton knit pretending to be) You get 10 rich dark colors on the jacket layer and they come with a texture changing sculpted and flexy scarf. so you get 120 different looks for one really good price. Here's a selection for you. Of course I had to do orange for you orange freaks, you know who you are

I also put together some belly rings finally. Four simple tear drop dangles on chains in moonstone, garnet, amythyst and onyx as well as a little evil skull with red gem eyes. You get all four for the price of one at most stores. Have fun with em!

One more post to come this week with my fave thing..the glitter halters and some news about the Halloween events on PULSE. I can't wait for October to scare the hell out of you muahahaha

Here's the SLurl to Sn@tch

Luff & PEACE


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