The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Glitter & Glam & a Halloween Tease
These are absolutely my fave thing this week. I made some glittery glam halters in a buncha great colors including two metallics. I haven't taken off the silver one in days. I'm so hooked on it. Goes so great with my leather pants. Very sexy and very revealing, not for the prudish lol

Now for those of you that remember last year's Pulse Haunted Mansion, you'll definitely want to catch "Cutting Class" and bring some friends to cling on to. We should be ready by the first week of October and open to the public. I'm not gonna give any details except that this is prolly the most like a real video game as you will find in SL. With special effects by Hezkezl Slade of HEZ and game content by VIXEN GAMES plus a rawkin build by my partner Roblem and I (if I do say so myself and I DO) This is gonna be some frightening shit. No rotating grim reapers in punkins cluttering up the place. Inspired by Silent Hill and Resident Evil, my two fave games, Cutting Class is a 8th of a sim wide and all the way down deep...with a mystery YOU have to solve to get out. And everyone that makes it out ALIVE (and halfway sane) wins a prize pack worth 1000's of $L donated by the vendors on Pulse. Sound fun? It IS! More to come on our Halloween events as they develop.

Have a fab weekend and come see us at Sn@tch where the models are wicked sexy and the clothes just make them hotter.

Laterrr, Luff & PEACE


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