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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spikes & Cupcakes

I swear I'm almost caught up heh...I have designer friends going DAYUM Ivey. This is prolly the second to the last post. The last one i'm gonna slam you with s'more latex I just put out. For this one fave dress lately and the new sculpted spike cuffs.

This is definitely my fave thing this week...a sexy lolli dress with a long waisted shirred top, prim sleeves and a fab two tiered tutu skirt in Five colors. Sold seperately or in a big pack with all colors. The front bow is scripted with all five color textures so you can mix em up. Sometimes I love a little flounce...not tonite lol but sometimes

Now on to the ultra hot...Spiked and studded arm and wrist bands. Scripted texture changing in shiny silver and rust. Sold in a large pack of arm and wristbands with spikes and a seperate set of wrist bands with pyramid studs. Completely mod and they size down so small a tiny should be able to wear em. Thanks Roblem baby for the scultpted spikes and studs! Here's the ads!

We're taking applications again for the New Designer Free Shop right next to the front door of Sn@tch. The fabulous Rara Avis has been in there for a little over three weeks and said they are doing fantastic and have a lot more business at their main store too now. So if you know anybody or want to try out for the free 100 prim store for a month, contact me or Roblem Hogarth for an application and info in world. We'll be choosing again by the 14th of September and if you already sent one in last month, no need to send again, we'll be re-reviewing those too!

Also on a personal note Just a little thank you to Gala Phoenix of Curio skins for dropping an whopper of a skin gift on me on Thursday. As you prolly know Gala's and Nomine Skins are about all I wear and she was so sweet to do that. Munchie sends me skins alla time so thanks and big wet girl kisses to her too. You both make me byootifull. <3>Sn@tch.

okies thats it for me for time nnnnnghhhh LATEX

Luff & PEACE


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