The Day We Fight Back

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


More wicked hot from Sn@tch! Time for Kitteh things, I warned ya...My Kitteh Parts sets are sooo popular for some reason.By overwhelming request some more colors in this series.

You get twitching ears on click, a scripted and customizable tail that can give multiple text responses to stroking, biting and pulling and has slow and fast swishing modes. You can even program in your own resposes with an easy notecard configuration. The set also comes with full kitty paw boots (ultra sexy btw). Now in 8 colors...including the newest shades; Black & White, Snow White, Sable Brown and Orange Tabby. I've done some comparison pricing and this is a fab deal for all you get in this set.

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Bianca Bender said...

Make neko kitty parts in a nice golden blonde w/ black tips...or...the auburn color that would compliment the Jungle Voodoo Auburn neko skins. Also...smoooooth tails. Not everyone is into puffy. thanks!