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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall Madness and Other Short Stories

Oh Oh I almost forgot to say.. Here at Pulse we are smack dab in the middle of a huge seasonal building spree just like last September. Can't leak anything about it yet, cept it should add a bit of real creepy horror into your halloween holiday. Last year's haunted mansion was a HUGE hit and had tons of great prizes from our vendors if you survived. This year is gonna be SICK, wicked good
Hokay, more new stuffs from Sn@tch and lots more coming, promise.

"Dead & Girlie" is a skully, sexy, fur-trimmed mini dress with a showy sheer black slip underneath and a fabric belt. It comes with narrow topped fishnet stockings in three bright colors and grey and black of course. The skirt is wearable alone as well with other tops. I'm loving fur for fall and you'll see a lot more coming soon!

And cause everyone needs a back to school look...I had this sweater idea for weeks and finally got it made...welcome to "Sn@tch Academy" 3 colors of long, navy and red with a deep V-neck and sculpted cuffs and middle to give it that slightly bulky look. This set comes with a pleated grey knit skirt and black knee socks. Also to complete the look, there is a short sleeved high collar button down shift underneath with a floppy sculpted necktie. Very prep school and veryy hot.
Backstage is for the rocker chick...totally coolstripey tanks in two layers (the jacket ones are longer) In the full set I combined two basic need to have colors grey and red withsix colors of crocodile leather pants with lace up fly. Also included is a pair of requisite spiked crocodile leather cuffs.

Had to do a set of 9 colors of the tank in two layers, these go with everything dressed up or down. By popular request I also did orange and yellow. Ohh btw they're T-backs...way sexy!

For the guys this week I slipped back into some old faithfull punk looks with a series of band tanks in a sexy T-Back: Siouxsie, Black Flag, Joy Division, DKs. Pistols, Ramones, Bauhaus and a hot dark purple skeleton ribcage (I keep typing ribcake lol) I named these after the club I stalked as a young impressionable goth kid and these are dedicated to those years drinkin' Tickled Pink in the parking lot of "the "Milestone" (btw these are absolutely unisex with very mild chest and ab shading)

I also did some stripey punk jeans, basic black and six colors. I did em for the guys, but they look just as hot on gurlz. I called em Toxic Shock and they come in two layers for a light flare or a boot tuck.
Kitty Things NEXT! Thanks for reading and come see me soon for hotness that defies age and gravity and and perhaps even TIMEEE ITSELFFFF...
Luff & PEACE

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