The Day We Fight Back

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ever felt up a ghost's sheet?

It's colddd up there! But down in the sewer at Sn@tch it can get nice and toasty. Kinda like s'mores! I digress...we're in the Ghost Busters Grid Wide Hunt that started just a little bit ago. Ghost 54 weeeee! You can come get the starter ghost at my place or at any of the hundred stores in the hunt and just go hog wild! Specially made items from tons of amazing stores. All you have to do is find the little ghosties! Thanks so much to Toko Voom and "VAIN" for organizing this wonderful event! She's worked so hard for all of us -bigggg hug-RELAX NOW! lol

I put out a special version of my Kitteh Parts. A Scripted Notecard Driven Tail and Twitching Ears in a sweet Punkin Orange for FREE just for this halloween hunt!

Crush Row at Doll City is also having Trick or Treats with lots more TREATS and a couple of fab tricks! (That was bad innuendo, I'm so sorry) I made an exclusive version of my Edie Hair just for that. Most of the stores there are participating and some of the gifts are spectacular and one of a kind so go by there too and grab my spooooky trick or treat bag!

Now be nice kiddies and don't stress out the generous designers by hurling rotten eggs or toilet paper all over their stores. Take your treats...Send a note of thanks if you have a mind too (we just love that) and maybe do a little shopping while you're out!

Have fun this weekend and have a scaryyy holiday!

Luff & PEACE


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