The Day We Fight Back

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood

The leaves are falling, there's a little nip in the air...ahhhh I adore New England and my favorite holiday is right around the corner so here on Pulse we're completely geared up.
I have some hot hot news. After working all night (man I have a lot of inventory)
Sn@tch, along with all the other MAIN STORES on Pulse, has marked EVERYTHING to 50% OFF. Thats right! Sn@tch, !ReToX!, The Hunger, Bloodlines, Forsaken, Illuminati Designs, Black Canary, Morphose AND our new designer shop Tyranny Designs are all HALF OFF EVERYTHING til Halloween.

This 50% OFF SALE includes all the new releases and costumes at Sn@tch. Here's a PEEK!

Sale also includes all clothes, accessories, hair, jewelry, shoes, skins, shapes, men's items, neko stuff, poses, textures, furniture and on and on. Regular prices slashed in half! Get your Xmas shopping done early in this LAST SALE OF THE YEAR!

If you haven't seen Cutting Class and picked up the astounding array of prizes you must come. You don't wanna miss out on this and it closes after Halloween and we start a new build for Vixen Games just after the holiday. Bring some friends, explore the dark recesses of our twisted minds, have funn and win!

So as you can see all kinda cool stuffs going on here. Come see us soon! Have fun, get spooked, save big cash and explore!Thanks for reading and as tolerant of each other as much as you can...but you dont have to take BS! Drama is for big whiny babies.

Lurve you guys! Have a good one!


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