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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do You Dare-A Designer Challenge

I was going to post new releases from the last two weeks tonite, but with all the chatter and noise going on about the "Flickr that shall not be named"this week, I thought this would be more fun. I have lots of opinions about it and criticisms in general where things like this are concerned. For the most part to me, opinions are like well you know...that certain part of the body and everyone has one. Thinking them and saying them out loud are two completely different events. I've definitely looked at someone's clothes, avatar or ads and said wtf were they thinking (to myself or my partner in IM) but I have never badgered or embarassed someone let alone their entire business or brand. I have no right. While something may not be to my taste (poofy baby blue gowns, bling or "couture" for example) someone else may ADORE it. Hence relativity...eye of the beholder yanno.

What I especially abhor and take offence to and get ANGRY about is belittling, non-constructive humiliation by a large group focused on a particular person. For those of you that enjoy this sort of thing...have at it. I wouldnt want to know you and I've found out there are a lot of other people who feel the same way. We've all made things that we are embarassed by in the past and I know that for a fact. So I'm gonna put a challenge to other designers. Take it or not no pressure but I'll be the first.

In the Do You Dare Designer Challenge...I want you to have the first laugh AT YOURSELF. Post a pic or ads of something you made back in your early days of designing that you are embarassed about now. Something where the seams dont line up, the shadows are awful or dont exist at all, that really UGGO texture you cant believe you thought you could make a dress from, that first pair of shoes that make you wince now when you think someone actually paid for it, that really bad ad...anything. Just be honest with yourself and post it without fear would I feel if someone posted this picture and let the community as a whole jeer at it and taunt me over it calling me names and saying I was talentless and should quit. Thats the way every person on that Flickr felt when they saw their work posted that way.

So...take my challenge? Why don't you. I'm gonna ask that no one get nasty in the comments, this is about laughing at ourselves and lightening things up not putting down others. I feel good doing it. And I'm hoping in showing where I was a year and a half ago, new designers will see we all started out making badly constructed, poorly textured and wow, just fugly stuff. The next time you want to laugh and point publicly at someone, instead try telling them great effort, I can't wait to see what you're doing in six months!

BTW Bloggers are also welcome to participate, post that embarassing photo! Go for it!


PS: All these (really awful) outfits were made Summer 2007 when I was first learning. That simple skirt has 32 prims and was hand placed lol and wow those pants have no seams or edges
-eyeroll-wtf was I thinking


Tristan Micheline said...

Ivey this is a great challenge. It's time that everyone learn a little bit of tolerance goes a long ways and laughing at ourselves is always a good thing. In light of your post I thought I would send you the link to an old posting of mine. Have a great day ^^

Auntykuro said...

awww, i totally love this!

i reposted an early, early shot of my boi av in flickr for this challenge:

Ivey Deschanel said...

-laughss- fantastic I love both! I remember that pic from Tristan. Loved it when it came out. And ty so much Achariya. That pic makes me grin so big. I have so many bad noob pics in a box in my safe at the house, I hid them so I wouldnt have to look at them EVER lol

TY both for having fun with this. I hope others do too

Sascha Frangilli said...

OMG, well I will do so as well - around the time (early 2007) I got the Business in a Box thing and fiddled with those dresses and shit.
I so totally cringe that I even had the guts to sell that... (and maybe you still cringe at what I sell nowadays).

Be warned for a complete utter shock... LOL.

Sascha Frangilli

Nissa Nightfire said...

Ivey -- you are just the awesome-est! thank you :)

Belladonna said...

I dug through some of my things and im going to post two links :P And they make me want to hide lol

icky skin

A dress i used to always wear. I plan on redoing it one of these days

Roblem Hogarth said...

Hey babe. Posted my awfulness. Everyone come have laugh!

Ivey Deschanel said...

I love you guys...this is gonna be a good day lol.

Bella, that dress wow!
I can't wait to get the redo...with a texture even!!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the "one person" that was picked on this week should open her mind, as you said, people will improve, but only if they don't let cockiness stand in the way of improvement.

What doesn't kill us really does make us stronger and I know, I improved my real life self after being ruthlessly bullied in middle school. So the humorous bullying that went on at the "nameless" Flickr stream might had made some people think..hmmm, maybe I should work on my skills, which is an advantage to all of, more shopping! lol

Arabella Steadham said...

One of the biggest thrills for me over the duration of my time in SL (since August 06) has been to see the development of design techniques. I am neither a builder, designer nor blogger, I am just your run-of-the-mill customer, I shop a LOT, and I KEEP EVERYTHING. My inventory is killing me, however its fun to drag out some of the older stuff of designers and compare it to their newer stuff. Its also great to see how their creativity has developed over this period of time, I personally get a buzz from that. It is a bit sad to see some have stayed in 2006 mode of making, its as if they have deliberately killed off creative energy and thats always quite a shame.
This is an interesting challenge to view from the sidelines...

Helena Stringer said...

I take on your challenge!

Having just started a fashion blog of sorts with my store models, it would be an intresting thing to show my growth as a designer, and give the new ones some hope. We all do get better with more practice, even the ones with no past experience in this sort of field.

I had everything packed, but still had all the ads on disc, so I dug them all out. I even have my first and only attempt at clothing, which should be a blas for all!

I make faces when people talk about it or enjoy it, as I see it as just BAD!

Here is my response to the challenge.


Asukaa Koba said...
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Asukaa Koba said...

Okay well i neede"d a geisha skin and it turned out really bad >.< (I took of my hair to make it look worse =D)

Lawra Loo said...
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Lawra Loo said...

lol okay here it is hehehehe

Anonymous said...

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