The Day We Fight Back

Monday, December 1, 2008

No 2 Alike

So another blog post on the Grid Wide Peace on Earth hunt...are you feigning shock now?
LOL They asked us to blog I swear. I didn't want to -wink-

For my gift...since we were sposed to do a cultural type theme and my X-mas culture consists of the traditional mom, dad & kids around the tree opening presents, eating a ton of food, then singing carols around the piano drunk on spiked eggnog til we pass out, I decided to go a little different and cover a more world view topic. I made some snowflake tattoos and called them "No 2 Alike". With everything we have been through in SL and our real lives over the last year I think its easy to group people into cultural ethnic and sometimes not too nice categories. Whats more difficult is seeing each individual for it's own special difference and beauty. So like snowflakes...we are no 2 alike and together I think we make an amazing landscape. Thats my sappy story.

The amazingly beautiful skins in these ads are the newest from Nomine and Fleur. The one above is Dita in Red by Munchflower Zaius and below is Lily Shoujo # 6 by Roslin Petion & CJ Carnot. Please stop by their shops and see their new work, its awesome.

The "No 2 Alike" tattoos are full body and come in black and tintable white on several layers including a small facial tattoo in both colors. They will be available through the month of December in the Grid Wide Peace on Earth Hunt Starting Tuesday December 2nd. Sn@tch is stop #8! Come on by and touch my globe.

Much needed blog updates and new releases coming ultra soon. Til then...

Luff & PEACE and Tolerance,



Winter Jefferson said...

Snowflake tattoos!! Damn, I've been searching those for months. Now I have to do this hunt... grrr....

Anonymous said...

thanks Ivey those are really cool prizes!

But must admit I was all excited expecting a hunt at your store!!

Hehe well, thanks for making it easy!