The Day We Fight Back

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween is Sneaking Up Behind You!'s getting spookier. the leaves changing and so dark at night so quickly. This is gonna be a blast of a halloween at Sn@tch and on the Pulse sim. I can't wait to get out all I planned on. I also was just invited to participate in Rezzable's next event at Crimson Shadow and I'm sooo excited. Here's some more new and fun things!

This is one of the most fun things I ever made. I called it the "Bring Out Your Dead" Backpack I doesn't open sadly, but it looks cool and has 12 different casket top textures on click! So many looks for a low price!
I saw the cover of Cosmo with Kate Hudson in a sweet little plaid corset and said...I can make that. I paired it with a plain black sweater dress with two styles of skirt, sculpted turtleneck and cuffs. I don't know why "Mystery Date: Who knows why my mind works like that when thinking of names. It had a mysterious look to it I guess lol

The trash heels are thanks to the fabulous sculpt work of my partner Roblem. I'd wanted to make some slip on shoes for awhile and already had these great heel sculpties. It all came together just right. I have 10 different styles and textures available. Fat packs at a great price are available on request. Here's a few samples for you!
I hope you all have a beautiful fall. Much much more to come from Sn@tch very soon!

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