The Day We Fight Back

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cutting Class now OPEN

3 decades ago students began disappearing from St Jude's Academy, their bodies found floating in the nearby bay. Drowned, mutilated almost beyond recognition. No one could believe when someone confessed and you won't either.

Come see the scariest halloween build in Second Life. This is not just a haunted house, this is a full on horror GAME. No rotating prim spectres, no pumpkins, no grim reapers. This is downright frightening. So set yourself to midnight, turn up the sound, grab a flashlight and explore "Cutting Class" Presented by Pulse, Vixen Games and Hez.

If you survive with your sanity there are 1000's of $Ls in prizes waiting for you donated by creators like Illuminati Designs, Forsaken, Rara Avis, Acid & Mala, Morningstar, Chaos Lotus, Out of the Box, Metamorphose, The Mystorium, Nightshade, Bloodlines, !Retox! and of course Sn@tch.

Here's the SLurl...See you in HELL!

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