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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sn@tch Inspired at Crimson Shadow

I remember coming to Crimson Shadow the very first time and being completely blown away. Texturally it is awe inspiring. From a builder's is breathtaking. I just thought it was a new mall and club and at the time had never heard of Rezzable. Now after working with the Rezzable group for two events, I am even more impressed by the work and dedication of this large team of builders, designers, creators and promoters and proud to call some of them my friends. Thank you all for allowing me the pleasure to participate in Killer Designers @ Crimson Shadow.

That said, here are my contributions. A very different theme for me as I usually create more modern gothic styles. "Baroness" and "Baron" came out of that passionate inspiration and a love of the clothing of the 1870's western expansion and gold rushes. I wanted to design something that was absolutely wearable in a few different ways yet would evoke that feeling of oppulence and the intense western capitalsm of that time period. These two suits are such a divergence for me creatively and I hope a success.

"Baroness" is a sweeping narrow fishtail dress with glittery beading, a lace trimmed bodice and netting underskirt, topped by a velvet brocade short jacket with single button closure and attached pewter and ruby cross necklace. Sharp prim button cuffs and a velvet tiny top hat with flexy feathers and lace veil complete the look. It can be worn with or without the black fur collar and blood red, opera length gloves. The dress underneath can also be worn alone for a simple and elegant slip-like sheath.

"Baron" is a basic and elegant vested suit with smooth black leather button flap pants, a red velvet brocade vest and pinstriped shirt with bloused linen and lace sleeves. The shirt is topped with a high buttoned collar and loose tie with ruffled lace cravat that elegantly falls down the chest. The suit can be worn with out without vest and/or blood red linen scarf waist. "Baron" also includes a velvet top hat and short crimson gloves.

Again I am so honoured to be a part of this event and included with all of these fantastic designers. Thank you to them for their inspiration and to Lokum Sholova, Adaire DeCuir, Jimmy Thomson, Beatrix Newt and the entire Rezzable team for including me.

The Preview party is today beginning at 12 noon SLT and the Fashion Show including all the awesome designs will be tomorrow, October 19th at 2 PM. I hope everyone can come. Get there early. You wont want to miss the events.


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